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Delivery Problems? We Can Solve 'Em

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Fri, Nov 15, 2019 @ 20:11 PM

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Now we’ve got problems. I don’t think we can solve ‘em. You need a really big truck. And, baby, now we’ve got your stuff! Hey!


Ok, so we took some artistic freedom with Taylor Swift’s Grammy winning musical piece “Bad Blood”. But these issues might truly hit close to home. Do you have delivery problems that you just don’t think you can solve on your own? Are they too big, literally or figuratively, for your business to tackle without outside assistance.


No worries. T-swift might not be able to solve your transportation issues, but Dallas Courier sure can.


Whether you’re unhappy with the situation between your company and your current courier, or you have a new transportation issue that needs attention from a professional, Dallas Courier is here to help you solve the problems with your Dallas transportation services. What can we do for your business? Find out more here.

Problem #1: Repeat deliveries take too much time from your employees.

If your business delivers to your customers multiple times a day or week, you’re losing precious manpower and focus by sending your own employees. Stick to what you do best. Let your employees focus all their efforts on your core competencies, and allow a courier to tackle your Fort Worth and Dallas transportation services with scheduled deliveries.

Problem #2: You have an urgent delivery need.

Urgent delivery needs arise for a number of reasons. Medical specimens require expedited transport from a hospital to a lab; a restaurant runs out of chicken and needs to move cases from their location across town; an important presentation needs to be moved from the office to the presentation auditorium in Downtown. Urgent delivery needs can be stressful and problematic. But an on demand courier offers shipping in as little as 45 minutes.

Problem #3: Large cargo requires a large commercial vehicle.

Large cargo can be a big problem. Literally. It requires a large vehicle, often a commercial vehicle, and some heavy lifting. Vehicles like this are expensive to maintain. Instead of operating your own fleet of large vehicles, utilize a courier for your large cargo. Dallas Courier, for example has lift equipped straight trucks and drivers with commercial licenses to transport your oversize, heavy, and otherwise large cargo.

Problem #4: You don’t have enough storage space.

What’s worse? Having your office look like a scene from Hoarders because you don’t have enough space for your extra inventory? Or paying exorbitant rental costs on a shoddy storage facility that offers no climate control and no security? You don’t have to choose. Both are terrible options. An alternative option is to allow a team like Dallas Courier to transport and store your items in a centrally located and secure storage space. We offer FDA approved storage, temperature control, and additional security upon request. It can stay there for a long time or a short time, and when you’re ready for it to move, we can transport it for you.

Problem #5: The overhead is too high to open a new location in a new city like Dallas Fort Worth.

Let’s say your organization is ready to expand, but you just can’t front the financial costs. Renting a storefront, new employees, insurance, and not to mention moving costs…opening a new location might not be in your budget just yet. Couriers also handle full service logistics operations. We can transport your items here to North Texas, store them, pick, pack, and ship them to your new customers here. Your costs remain low, yet you remain in control. When you’re ready, we’ll be the first to welcome you to the Big D.


You might have delivery problems, but we’re sure we can solve ‘em. So turn down your Taylor Swift record and call our Dallas Courier team. There’s no delivery problem our Dallas transportation services can’t solve.