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Here's How Warehousing and Fulfillment Fits Into Your Operations

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sat, Nov 23, 2019 @ 13:11 PM

Dallas Courier, Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

If you aren’t currently utilizing a third party warehousing and fulfillment expert, chances are you’re missing out on huge benefits. The worst part is- you might not even realize it! Our Dallas Courier team will make it easy for you, though. Putting 3rd party logistics to use shouldn’t be a mystery puzzle that you have to solve. There should be clear cut solutions to your logistics needs.


If you’re not quite sure where to start with warehousing and fulfillment services, or you’re not even sure they’re appropriate for your organization, let our couriers put it simply for you. Here are simple ways to incorporate 3PL processes into your transportation and supply chain.


Single point storage: Currently, you might be storing your product at multiple different locations throughout the Metroplex in an effort to move your items faster when you need them. This isn’t a bad idea, until you have to be the one to pick up or drop off from a location far away. Instead, store all your items in a warehouse that’s large enough to handle it all. Better yet- it doesn't even need to be your warehouse. We have space in ours for all your items You’ll also save money because you’re benefitting from our quantities of scale. Couriers can transport your items anywhere, anytime, even though they originate from a single storage point.


Mass production: Generally speaking, producing items in large quantities is cheaper than small batches. You’re free to take advantage of this benefit when you utilize warehousing and fulfillment services. Produce as much as you want, and then allow a courier with storage options to keep your items until they’re ready for shipment. This is especially great for crafters, producers of seasonal items, fruit canners, and clothing boutiques.


Scheduled delivery: Do you have frequent deliveries of the same items? For example, weekly or biweekly shipments of paper products or components that need replacing every month. Whether you’re the buyer or the producer, you can save big with warehousing and fulfillment services. Buy in bulk and store at our place; we’ll put you on a regular schedule for delivering your items to you or to your customers. Skip the hassle of multiple routes or repeat deliveries and win back your time.


Packaging: Depending on your items, packaging them up could be a time consuming and risky process. Medical specimens require careful temperature control; fragile items need cushioned wrapping and gentle handling; food items need to adhere to FDA standards. See why warehousing and fulfillment services could be a benefit to your business? Don’t forget that your courier should be insured by A-rated providers, which gives you confidence in their packaging and handling of your sensitive items.


These are just a few ways warehousing and fulfillment services can become a part of your supply chain logistics, but this isn’t all Dallas Courier has to offer. We pride ourselves in taking care with each client to come up with a unique plan of action, tailored to their transportation and logistics needs. We’re sure that our professional experts can offer you a service plan that makes it easier for you to do business.


Our centrally located and secure warehouse is staffed by experts in the transportation and logistics industry. We also offer refrigerated options, and we’re FDA certified. If you’re considering adding warehousing and fulfillment services to your supply chain, contact Dallas Courier today at 972-680-8000.