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When You Need Something FAST!

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Thu, Oct 3, 2019 @ 22:10 PM

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There are times when fast is the only method that will do. Sure, there are moments when “quick” and “speedy” work just fine, but for those times when FAST is the only way to go, you need a fast Dallas delivery team on your side. You need Dallas Courier.

With on demand deliveries in as little as 45 minutes, your fast Dallas delivery gets from point A to point B without delay. If you’re a little unsure, you can follow your delivery from start to finish thanks to real time GPS tracking technology and status updates. Need a delivery to move overnight, or across the state by morning? Your fast Dallas delivery isn’t limited to city limits or office hours. Our 24/7 couriers are available to move your items anytime, anywhere with custom critical delivery services.


When you need a delivery moved fast, Dallas Courier is the one to call. But what if you need something else fast? Like…a snack!


Don’t judge! Snacks are important! Maybe not as important as your on demand healthcare deliveries or overnight legal paperwork, but when the “hangry” starts to settle in and you just don’t have time for a full meal, you need a fast solution. Here’s what to grab, and what to stay away from.


Go for… nuts- Nuts in their natural form are great sources of protein and fiber. Just watch your serving size. A small handful of unsalted almonds or walnuts is a good bet.

Stay away from… trail mix- These snacks are not created equally. Trail mix generally has added sugars with chocolate candy and dried fruit with sugar added. Most trail mix packages, even the “snack size” ones, also have more than one serving, which can be deceiving.


Go for… water- Those hunger pangs you’re feeling might actually be dehydration, not hunger. It’s worth it to take a tall glass of water before snacking, just to be sure. Hey, at least you’ll be hydrated.

Stay away from… energy drinks- Energy drinks are a fast way to get energy, but they’re also dangerous. They contain dangerous levels of caffeine, and are packed with sugar and added chemicals. Just stay away!


Go for… lean dairy- Low fat yogurt or cheese can pack a dose of protein and bone building Vitamin D. Go for low fat versions, though, to keep the vitamin benefits without overdoing the calories.

Stay away from… prepackaged snacks- In order to improve shelf life, prepackaged snacks like crackers and chips are high in calories and preservatives and low in nutritional value. That means you’ll be hungry soon after finishing them.


Go for…whole fruits- An apple, banana, or orange have loads of benefits and taste. Going for the whole fruit means you get natural sugars, fiber, and fewer calories than most snacks.

Stay away from…fruit snacks- Dried fruit, fruit-flavored snacks, and other forms of fruit aren’t actual fruit. They don’t have the same amount of nutrients, especially fiber, and they generally have added sugar to preserve taste.


When you need a fast snack, go for one of these recommended bites. There are tons of options out there. They’re quick, but not short on nutrition. They’re sure to give you a boost of energy and help stave off the “hangry”.


When you need a fast delivery, though, there’s only one real option- a fast Dallas delivery courier like Dallas Courier. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to care for your urgent transportation needs. We offer both dry and refrigerated options on your on demand deliveries, as well as the option of van and straight truck loads.


Don’t hesitate. Your fast Dallas delivery can’t handle any more delay! Call Dallas Courier at 972.680.8000 to get moving…FAST!