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The Top Dog of Memorial Day

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, May 22, 2019 @ 23:05 PM

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It’s nice being the top dog, isn’t it? For over three decades, Dallas Courier has been a top DFW transportation and logistics provider. Fueled by our commitment to excellence, honesty and integrity, armed with highly trained team members and well maintained delivery tools, Dallas Courier’s top dog status is unquestionable. Just ask our many happy customers. Or, better yet, schedule your own delivery and find out for yourself.


As Memorial Day nears, the unofficial start to summer, one clear top dog emerges. A literal top dog. It’s the hot dog.


King of the grill. Main man of the menu. Crowning jewel of your Chinete. The hot dog is the top dog of your Memorial Day cookout. But where did it come from? How did it get to this place in our culture and in our hearts?


Our food distribution couriers deliver you some rich history.


To get the full history of our American favorite, we have to kick it back old school, to Homer’s Odyssey. Yes, in 9th century BC, Homer describes a fat sausage that is roasted on an open fire. Sounds an awful lot like our big Texas barbeques, doesn’t it? In the 13th century, in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, meat resembling hot dogs was served at the Holy Roman Emperor’s coronation ceremony. They were known as Frankfurters. Similar delicacies were served in Vienna and called Vienners, or, as the Germans would pronounce their “v”, "Wieners."


In 1870, German immigrant Charles Feltman put the hot dog on a bun and called it a special sandwich. He sold these on Coney Island in New York. Feltman’s idea took off, but not before one of his employees, Nathan Handwerker, took his idea and made it just a little bit better. Handwerker left his job at Feltman’s, where hot dogs on a bun were selling for 10 cents, and started his own stand, selling dogs for half the price. The great hot dog war had begun! But, more importantly, the hot dog craze began to spread across America.


Of course, at the time, this treat wasn’t called a “hot dog”. It is said that it got its name from the terms used by the vendors who were hawking their dish from carts in New York. On cold days, the vendors would shout “Get ‘em while they’re hot!”, pulling sausages from hot water tanks in their carts. The sausages were known as dachshund sausages. The term “dachshund” is German for “badger dog”, describing the long skinny dogs who were used in hunting to pull badgers from their dens. Of course, “hot dachshund” was tough to spell correctly on a cart in the city. So vendors went with “hot dogs”.  It’s a catchy little name that has stuck with us.


1893 is the first year that hot dogs were served at a Major League Baseball game. The owner of the (then) St. Louis Browns was a German immigrant. As a good German would, Chris Von de Ahe enjoyed sausages on rolls, and served them at his ballpark.


By 1939, the hot dog had travelled all the way to the West coast. Pink’s hot dogs opened in LA, where customers looking for a relatively inexpensive escape from the Great Depression days could enjoy a chili dog for 10 cents. To further the vision of America’s love of all things hot dog, Franklin Delano Roosevelt served hot dogs to the King and Queen of England on one of their royal visits.


As you prepare your menu for Memorial Day, no doubt you’ll be serving up the top dog of Memorial Day- the hot dog. And, for that, you can thank the top dog of couriers, Dallas Courier. Our food distribution couriers are moving your time and temperature sensitive foods, like those beloved hot dogs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across the Metroplex and beyond.


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