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Food Logistics in Dallas Made Simple

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Nov 12, 2019 @ 19:11 PM

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Yes, the holiday season is absolute about spreading love, sharing gifts, and giving thanks. But you know what else highlights this time of year? FOOD.


Any Scrooge will confirm that food is an essential part of the holiday season. Whether it’s the candy on Halloween, the turkey at Thanksgiving, the pecan pie at Christmas, or the appetizers on New Year’s Eve, food is the centerpiece of the year end festivities.


And our couriers aren’t sad about that.


As we know well, after decades of handling food logistics in Dallas for customers all around the country, food is essential to a good time. That means the time to seek out an expert food logistics team is now.


Here’s what to consider when you’re searching for a third party to handle your food logistics in Dallas:


  • Timely deliveries- As with most things during the holiday season, food deliveries can be unpredictable. A food logistics courier is able to handle the unpredictability by staying available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. While a scheduled route is most certainly the best way to move your food items, if changes occur to those routes, a dispatch team can contact the drivers to accommodate the changes. Or, if a one-time emergency food delivery need occurs, an on demand courier can have your food on the road, sometimes in 45 minutes or less.
  • Temperature control technique- Some delivery teams call an ice pack “temperature control”. Sure, this will do for certain types of produce or chilled beverages, but generally speaking, for food logistics, you need a temperature controlled van or straight truck. These vehicles can be monitored by the driver during transport, and, in the event of a refrigeration issue, the driver is notified and can rectify the situation quickly. Strict temperature control, or dual/tri temperature control are options that should be available to you by your choice for food logistics in Dallas.
  • Distribution area- Maybe you’re not in the food distribution business in DFW. Maybe you’re in the food eating business. Consider this: your Thanksgiving and Christmas staples like cranberries, turkeys, and pumpkins are all transported from another state into the great state of Texas thanks to a food logistics courier like Dallas Courier. Finding a courier that can handle out of city and out of state transportation is essential for providing the types of products your customers want and need.
  • Storage options- What if you’re just not ready to move your items to their final location? Can your courier store them in route? If your food logistics team has a centrally located warehouse with FDA certified space, they can. A full service logistics provider offers warehousing and fulfillment services for your food items, both shelf stable and refrigerated. When you’re ready for your items to move, a team like Dallas Courier can pick, pack, and ship them right to your customers.
  • Quality customer care- All of this means nothing if the person making your food delivery fails to make a great impression on your customer. Your food logistics professional should act as an extension of your business. That means friendly drivers, neat uniforms, and identification to provide confidence for customers. It also means white glove and final mile services to meet the diverse needs of your diverse customers.


Ready to learn more about how Dallas Courier runs food logistics in Dallas? We’re here to help you with fast, friendly service on your timeline and at your price point. During the holidays, you should be more concerned with eating food, not how you’re going to transport it.


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