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Food Transportation is Your Dallas Special Delivery

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Mon, Dec 16, 2019 @ 22:12 PM

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Here at Dallas Courier, every delivery is special. That’s because every client is unique, requiring different transportation and logistics needs. A specialized plan of action is created for each and every Dallas Courier client. While we offer a list of services, our customers aren’t limited to what they see here. Off the menu options are always available.


Now that we’ve established that you and your delivery are, in fact, special. We do have to admit something. Some deliveries are more special than others. Food transportation is one of them.


What makes food handling so special? We’ll spill the tea.


In Depth Training

The first reason food transportation is considered a special delivery is that it requires a great deal of training to execute properly. Dallas Courier, of course has high standards for our drivers. They go through training on how to use all of our technology and how to treat customers the Dallas Courier way, but there are also federal standards they must adhere to. The Food Safety Modernization Act is the latest push to transform food transportation in order to prevent foodborne illness. Strict rules for sanitary transportation are important for food couriers like Dallas Courier. You can bet our couriers are up to date on these rules, and the safety of your food is a top priority.


Temperature Control

Food transportation is also special because it requires special handling. Fresh, frozen, and even ambient foods need temperature control. With the untamable Texas weather, the only way to ensure the right atmosphere for your items is to load them into a refrigerated van or straight truck. We can track your temperature down to the degree, providing jus the right space for your food items.


Route Deliveries with Multiple Stops

Food items commonly are delivered to more than one location, hitting multiple stops along a delivery route. Food distributors use couriers to deliver items to restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores. A consistent daily or weekly route ensures your favorite foods are stocked and fresh when you go shopping.


Last Minute Deliveries

Another unique factor when it comes food transportation is that it can often require immediate transportation. Perishable items might need to move at an unpredictable schedule. But your frozen gelato, fresh milk, and live seafood can’t wait for available transportation. These items need to move NOW! A food courier with 24/7 operations can meet those last minute delivery needs, no problem.


Food transportation is special. It requires unique training, maintained vehicles and available couriers. This kind of specialized transportation shouldn’t be left to just anyone. You need a reliable and expert team of professionals to handle these tasks. You need Dallas Courier!


For over 37 years, Dallas Courier has been moving your time and temperature sensitive food items. We thoroughly vet and train all of our team members, ensuring you have a rock solid delivery driver transporting your goods. Not only that, we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your scheduled and last minute food transportation needs.


Even if you don’t have food transportation needs, your delivery is still special! Dallas Courier can assist you with developing a unique delivery plan for your items, any time of day or night. Contact us at 972-680-8000 or find us here on the web