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Decision 2020: Making the Right Choice in Transportation Services

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sun, Dec 22, 2019 @ 20:12 PM

Dallas Courier, Fort Worth Transportation ServiceThere’s an awful lot of talk these days about “big decisions” and “electing the right candidate”. We’re surprised, actually, that this decision has made national news. After all, we’re talking about your decision regarding Dallas and Fort Worth transportation services, aren’t we? 


To us, transportation services are vital to everyday living. We can’t think of a more important decision for your business as the new year approaches. So make it an informed one. As you seek new or upgraded transportation services for your Fort Worth or Dallas operations, you’re going to want to find a candidate that meets your needs and has the following qualifications:


Character- Politics can bring out the worst in someone, and so can stressful situations like those that occur with a last minute transportation need. As you seek a winning candidate to head your transportation operations in 2020, consider your candidate’s character. Are they committed to integrity and honesty in every operation? Are they hiring background checked and trained drivers? Are your customers treated to spectacular first line customer service? Character counts in 2020.


Transparency- It happens every year. A candidate thinks their dirty laundry is hidden from the public eye, but, inevitably, it all gets uncovered. Your Fort Worth transportation services professional should be transparent from start to finish. The best way to do this? Offer live tracking on your orders. Know exactly where your items are at all times, who handled them, and who they were delivered to, all with the swipe of a finger on your smart phone.


Community- Who do you want serving your community? A member of your community, of course! There’s no one better to transport your items throughout Dallas and Fort Worth than a courier who lives right here in Dallas and Fort Worth. Dallas Courier, for example, has an incentive to serve well here in the Metroplex because it’s our home too! We know what North Texans need, and we have the presence to meet those needs.


Experience- There’s a reason why there are age limits stamped on elections. Experience is important. Your Dallas and Fort Worth transportation services can’t be left to just any ordinary citizen with a POV and a phone app. You need a trained professional. HIPAA, OSHA, HazMat, FSMA, and other important training is necessary to safely transport your time and temperature sensitive items.


If Dallas and Fort Worth transportation services aren’t exactly what you had in mind when you saw the phrase “Decision 2020”, perhaps they should be. The way your business moves supplies and finished products is an essential, core operation that shouldn’t be slighted.


Don’t be hasty as the New Year approaches. Take these points into consideration as you make important decisions regarding your logistics for the year 2020. Of course, it wouldn’t be a political conversation if we didn’t incorporate a little bias.


Dallas Courier has, and will continue to be, your number one provider for Dallas and Fort Worth transportation services. Over 37 years ago, we built our business on the foundational principles of honesty and integrity. We set out to serve our clients well with full service logistics solutions to meet the needs of the Dallas Fort Worth community.


If you ask us, there’s really no decision. In 2020, Dallas Courier is your pick for top notch transportation services. Contact us today at 972-680-8000.