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Bad News: You Might Be Making Your Cold Worse

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, Dec 4, 2019 @ 18:12 PM

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Newsflash: It’s cold and flu season! And, in case you haven’t already, it’s time to go get that flu shot. Our healthcare couriers in Dallas have been busy transporting vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and lab specimens, as we generally are this time of year. We’re ensuring your healthcare providers are stocked with the flu shot and prescription medications, as well as transporting lab results quickly and securely so your doctor can make the right call on your treatment plan.


But, as you know, there isn’t much you can do to cure the common cold. Yes, we’ve figured out a way to carry around a tiny computer in our back pockets, and we’ve commercialized space travel, but we still haven’t found a way to cure your sniffling and sneezing this time of year. While our healthcare couriers in Dallas can’t make it all better for you, what we can do is make sure you don’t make it worse.


There are ways you can actually lengthen the life of your cold. That’s something you definitely don’t want! Don’t make it worse for yourself. Avoid these things that are making your cold worse:


Not Hydrating. A sore throat can make it difficult to drink, but it’s important to drink fluids when you’re sick. You can easily lose fluids through fever and mucus when you’re ill. Fluids also help loosen the mucus, relieving that stuffy nose and the raspy cough. 


Pretending Like You’re Not Sick.  It stinks to cancel plans, but carrying on as if you don’t have a cold will not help you, and it will spread germs to those around you. So skip your weekly HIIT class, and work from home.


Not Sleeping Enough. Infection fighting antibodies and cells are reduced when you don’t get enough rest. Sleeping can boost your immune system and help you recover from your cold faster.


Antibiotics. Sure, our healthcare couriers in Dallas certainly can and do keep your pharmacies stocked with prescription drugs and antibiotics, but these won’t help you beat your cold. Antibiotics only kill bacteria. Colds are caused by viruses. Misusing antibiotics can contribute to antibiotic resistant bacteria, meaning when you really do need antibiotics, they might not work.


Smoking or Being Around Smokers. Inhaling tobacco can damage the tissue in your lungs, making them prone to infection.


Stressing Out. Not only can being overanxious make you sick in the first place, it can also keep you from getting well. It messes with your immune system response, and can keep you sicker for longer. Relieve your stress with meditation, yoga, and, of course, rest.


The average cold lasts around 3-4 days, but you could experience symptoms for ten days or more. Don’t make it worse on yourself! Avoid these bad habits and get well faster.


Speaking of faster, don’t make your deliveries worse on yourself by moving them on your own. Our healthcare couriers in Dallas are ready and available any time of day or night to move your urgent medical specimens and healthcare items. Dallas Courier is here for you 24/7/365, with fast, friendly service. Find out more on our website, or contact us here to get started.