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Here’s Why Hot Shot Truck Delivery Should Be in Your Toolbox

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Mon, Oct 7, 2019 @ 21:10 PM

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Predictable is nice, isn’t it? When you have your supplies set up to delivery on a routine basis. Maybe you receive parts every two weeks, or your restaurant accepts shipments once a day of farm fresh produce. Having a regular schedule keeps you on top of your game, and keeps your supply chain moving nicely.




The unexpected happens.


A broken down truck. A malfunctioning freezer. An unprecedented (but welcomed) boost in business.


When you have an unexpected event that requires a shift in your regular schedule, you have a need that only a hot shot courier can fulfill. And when that need is BIG, you have a need for a hot shot truck delivery. At some point in the lifecycle of your organization, it’s going to pay to have a hot shot truck delivery team on speed dial. (For reference, that’s 972-680-8000.)


While it’s true that a hot shot truck delivery will cost a little more than a traditional scheduled delivery service, but it’s a small price to pay to maximize your company’s productivity and grow your organization. What can this type of service do for you? Read on to find out:


Keep Your Staff Focused

No doubt you love your people as much as Dallas Courier loves our people. Your employees were hired to carry out tasks directly related to your organization’s mission. Why send them on errands to transport finished products or pick up supplies? Keep your staff focused by allowing a third party logistics partner to move your time and temperature sensitive goods on your behalf. You stick to what you do best. We’ll stick to what we do best.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

When you hire a logistics partner like Dallas Courier, you take advantage of nearly 40 years of experience and knowledge. Our 98% on time rate is sure to make your customers thrilled. Having their products in their hands quickly and in perfection condition the first time, every time tends to make people happy. You’ll be happy to know that Dallas Courier takes first line customer service very seriously. It’s why we train and  hire only the best drivers. They’re uniformed, professional, and on time, every time, with a smile. 


Lower Costs

It seems counterintuitive- that paying another party to complete a task would actually end up saving you money. It’s true, though. When you allow a third party logistics partner to move and store your items, you don’t have to bother with warehouse rental space, leasing vehicles, insurance claims from accidents, or replacement costs when a delivery goes wrong. A logistics partner handles it all for you. Not to mention, happy customers mean repeat business. Getting a delivery right the first time, every time, whether it’s a hot shot truck delivery or weekly scheduled deliveries, means no recovery or replacement costs.


It’s Not Just Trucks

Sure, if you’re in a big pickle, Dallas Courier can have a hot shot truck delivery on the road, sometimes in as little as 45 minutes. But when you have delivery emergencies that are just as big, but maybe not as physically large, Dallas Courier is still here for you. Dozens of pallets of frozen seafood or just one single piece of paper for a contract, we have the right vehicle and the trained courier for the job.

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