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What To Do With Those Seasonal Stressors

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Mon, Oct 28, 2019 @ 18:10 PM

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It’s officially the holiday season. Once Halloween is over, it’s a seasonal free-for-all. November 1st hits, and folks start trimming the tree, setting up their giant inflatable Santa lawn decorations, and bustling about at the department stores like it’s the night before Christmas. For many, the holidays elicit feelings of good tidings, comfort, joy, and cheer. (Hey, someone should write a song about that!) For others, though, the holidays can be a tough time.


The holiday blues affect around 38% of Americans. They’re characterized by stress, fatigue, and depression. What causes the holiday blues is different for everyone. Many report these feelings stem from lack of money, commercialism, and family gatherings. Thankfully, doctors do have some ways to combat these seasonal stressors.


Our couriers who handle holiday deliveries in Dallas have taken a few of these tips to heart as we move about the Metroplex and the country making your holiday deliveries. After all, a stressed out courier doesn’t exactly make a great first impression on your customers. Here are healthcare professionals’ tips for beating the holiday blues.


Forget perfection- Constantly striving for the unattainable is exhausting. Be ok with just ok. (Except with your holiday deliveries. Those can and should be perfect with the right courier.)

Stick to a budget- Before you start shopping, decide how much money you can spend, then stick to your budget. This will help mitigate some of that financial stress.

Learn to say no- Saying yes to everything can be overwhelming. Your friends and colleagues will understand if you’re honest.

Eat a balanced diet-That doesn’t mean a cookie in each hand. Your diet can affect your feelings, so make sure you’re getting balanced meals full of healthy options.

Take time for yourself- Self-care is not selfish. Take a walk, exercise, or watch your favorite Christmas move.

Start a new tradition- If the holidays bring back sad memories, make new ones. Play a game, try a new recipe, or try out anything that is fun.

Give back- A great way to get out of the holiday funk is to volunteer your time to a cause that needs it this season. Help out at a food kitchen, animal shelter, or just around the neighborhood.

Get some rest- With all the holiday events, we often forget that our body still needs rest to function properly. Seven to nine hours is the minimum for adults.

Jot it down- Keep your stressors in check by writing them down.


Another great way to reduce your stress this holiday season is to delegate tasks to others. Make room for some seasonal fun by letting go of your nonessential tasks. These include cooking, cleaning, and, of course, your holiday deliveries in Dallas and the surrounding areas.


Dallas Courier offers fast and easy holiday deliveries in Dallas, North Texas, and throughout the country. Whether you’re on top of your game, and your deliveries are ready to go early, or you’re more of a night before Christmas type of a shopper, Dallas Courier has a service that meets your needs.


Route deliveries, urgent shipping, temperature controlled cargo, and even food deliveries are all part of our Dallas Courier operations. Win back some of your free time and peace of mind when you trust our trained professionals to move your holiday deliveries in Dallas. Our phones are staffed 24/7 with a friendly team member who can get your items on-the-go in as little as 45 minutes.


Forget the hustle and bustle this season. Leave your holiday deliveries in Dallas to the pros at Dallas Courier and take a little extra time to sit by the fire, munch on Christmas cookies, and enjoy all the holiday season has to offer. Get started by contacting us here on our webpage, or by calling 972-680-8000 today!