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Your Guide to Black Friday Survival

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sat, Nov 23, 2019 @ 13:11 PM

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There are only two ways to top off Thanksgiving:  One- with a huge slice of pumpkin pie in front of the big screen, watching football. And two- loading up the truck and heading to your favorite electronics store in search of the biggest, best deals of the year.


During the Thanksgiving weekend, 164 million people are expected to go shopping in some capacity. Will you be one of them?


You’ll find our couriers out on Black Friday, of course, making your holiday deliveries in DFW. But if you’re one of the millions who are planning to hit the malls, department stores, and Big Box locations this Thanksgiving weekend, you’re going to need to get your mind right. The goal of Black Friday isn’t about the deals right now. It’s about survival!


If you’re going to survive to see Christmas, you’re going to want to consider this survival guide for Black Friday:



Gather intel. Before Black Friday ever begins, you need a game plan. Of course, find out what time your store of choice opens, but you’ll also want to pay the location a visit before Thanksgiving. Stake out the closest register, the best entrance to take (if there’s more than one), and find out where they’re stocking the stuff you’re interested in.


Get dropped off. On the day of the deals, don’t waste precious time parking! If you’re brave, you can rely on a rideshare service to bring you there, but it’s best to have a reliable friend or family member drop you off right at the front door, on your own schedule.


Ditch your purse. Something you don’t consider as you seek you sick deals on Black Friday? Pickpockets and muggers. Leave your large bags at home. Opt for a credit card, ID, and cash in your front pocket, or in a crossbody bag with a zipper. Hey, if you’re really in vogue, go ahead and store it in your fanny pack. Just wear it in front.


Bring a friend. What’s more fun than fighting strangers for the last Holiday Edition Barbie at 2 am? Doing it with a friend! But seriously,  shopping in pairs is just safer. When you’re walking in the dark to and from the store, you’ll have a pal to watch your back (and your steal of a deal.)


Leave the kiddos. The kids will slow you down. Avoid the “squirrel” moments, and hire a sitter. Seriously, though,  it’s really not a safe spot to bring youngsters. Since 2006, there have been 117 injuries and 12 death attributed to Black Friday. At the very least, they’ll be exposed to some behaviors you wouldn’t want them to repeat.


Just stay away. The number one survival tip for surviving Black Friday? Stay away! There are plenty of deals to be had online, and fast couriers like our Dallas Courier team move holiday deliveries in DFW 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You stay in your cozy recliner or behind your desk at work, and we’ll handle the holiday traffic and craziness.


No matter what you decide this Black Friday, know that you have a courier team on your side 24/7 to deliver those holiday gifts you gather over Thanksgiving weekend. Whether you need a straight truck to transport your Black Friday deals, or you decide to kick it in front of the couch with the Cowboys and worry about a last minute delivery later in the season, Dallas Courier is here for it.


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