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How Can You Benefit from DFW Warehousing and Fulfillment Services?

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Thu, Jun 20, 2019 @ 19:06 PM

Dallas Courier, Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

If we had to keep it simple, the answer to today’s titular question would be this: you have things, and we have a great place to put them.


But DFW warehousing and fulfillment services are so much more than that! With the right delivery team, you stand to gain much more than just a few square feet to put your overstock. Your competitors have likely already discovered the benefits of outsourcing their warehousing needs. It’s time you should consider the ways your business can serve customers better with a little help from your friends at Dallas Courier.


Streamlined Services

Without a warehousing and fulfillment expert, getting your items from one warehouse to another or moving your items from a storage facility to the customer can get confusing and time consuming. Keeping your storage situation straight is just one thing on your already busy to do list.


When all your items are stored in a single location, though, and that warehouse is staffed by professionals with 24/7 access, suddenly your services are streamlined. Delivery drop offs, cross docking, and outbound shipments move quickly, any time of day or night. A full service logistics provider is in place to perform all of your transportation needs. It’s a one stop shop.



There’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait to access your stored items. Fortunately, with a team like Dallas Courier you’ll never have to. Our warehouse is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown, and you’ll have access any time you need it. Pick-ups and deliveries from Dallas Courier don’t require appointments. In and out services are available 24/7 without delay, which means your items move quickly when you need them to. We also have trained team members who can do the heavy lifting for you. Our forklifts and operators make it so you’ll never have to lift a finger.


Inventory Management

Having your products in one warehouse also helps you keep track of inventory. Storing your items in multiple locations throughout the Metroplex can lead to confusion and too much or too little product. Each scenario is costly.


Instead, a logistics team that offers top rated inventory management software can help you expertly manage your products. Not only that, with regular, scheduled shipments, a logistics team that also delivers can keep your products in stock with daily or weekly deliveries.


Specialized Storage and Handling

If your items require a little TLC, good news! A great courier can give you all the care you need. Climate controlled items such as technology or cosmetics are safe in our climate controlled warehouse. They can also move in our refrigerated vans and straight trucks.


If you’re in the business of transporting or manufacturing healthcare or food items, a team like ours can offer FDA approved warehouse space and team members certified and trained in HIPAA, OSHA, and food handling safety.


For expensive or valuable items like antiques or computers, we offer a secure facility that can be outfitted with additional measures to keep you comfortable and in-the-know regarding the current state of your special cargo.



One quality team can make all the difference in many of your logistics links. Dallas Courier can provide storage space, packing and shipping options, and expert advice in all things transportation and logistics. For over 37 years, we’ve been securely storing and quickly shipping items of all types for customers all over the Metroplex and all over the country!


No need to hesitate, our Dallas Courier team is available NOW to take your call and assist you with creating a unique plan for your transportation and logistics needs. Find us here on web chat or give us a call at 972.680.8000.