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How to Streamline Your Medical Deliveries in DFW When Time Matters

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Jun 18, 2019 @ 14:06 PM

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At Dallas Courier, we understand the importance of streamlined deliveries. It’s one of the reasons why our company slogan is, “When Time Matters”.


We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deliver all types of products. No matter who is requesting the delivery, or what the item is for transport, one thing remains the same: time matters in every delivery.  Efficiency is the key to every successful delivery.


This is perhaps most true when it comes to medical deliveries in DFW. These deliveries are unique, because they are often a life or death matter. Ensuring fast, secure, and efficient deliveries help medical professionals do their jobs, keeping patients healthy and well.


What Factors Affect Timing?


The timing of your medical deliveries is influenced by many different factors. Preparing yourself beforehand can assist in moving your items faster. Assess the following questions as they relate to your delivery:


  • Where is the pickup location?
  • Where is the drop off location?
  • Are there specific temperature or packing requirements?
  • What is the distance in miles?
  • Is this an emergency situation?


Knowing the exact pick-up and delivery locations give a courier an idea about what type of vehicle to bring. For example, a large straight truck isn’t going to fit into the parking garage in downtown Dallas. Temperature and packing requirements might also affect timing. Organs, for example, require many additional supplies during transport, which means in order to remain viable, extra care needs to be taken. Other factors like the distance between the locations and the urgency of the situation affect its delivery time. This is when hot shot shipping might be necessary.


Understanding the effect each of these stipulations in advance gives you a better idea of how far in advance you must schedule a delivery. It also prepares you for a realistic expectation of how fast your deliveries will get into the hands of your customers, who generally are patients eagerly waiting for these items.


Communicate With Your Team


Once you’re able to properly assess the delivery for yourself, this information needs to be presented to your transportation team. Pass along the specifics, including what you see above, to ensure your medical delivery team knows exactly what they’re delivering and the purpose that these items will serve.


Oftentimes medical deliveries will come with a great deal of paperwork. Ensuring this is completed and easy to read leaves fewer questions for the delivery professionals. This lets them get back to their job- delivering your important items quickly.


Custom Critical Deliveries for Long Distance Items


Think your long distance items can’t move quickly? Think again! Streamlining long distance deliveries is completely possible through custom critical delivery options with a transportation team like Dallas Courier. Your critical distance items move quickly, as fast as you can call and set up the delivery. Once they’re on their way, they don’t stop for consolidation to make a full truckload, and they never get handed off to a third party.


When you have medical items that need to move outside of the city, they can’t wait for a specified long distance courier. They also can’t wait at some warehouse until a full truckload is packed. Get your items moving quickly, without further delay down the road with a custom critical delivery.


The Right Courier Makes All the Difference


Not every DFW delivery team can move your medical deliveries with such speed and accuracy. You need the professionals of Dallas Courier. With over 37 years of experience, we know exactly how to get your items to their desired locations quickly.


Our drivers are trained in both OSHA and HIPAA regulations, which means your items will remain secure and viable for the duration of the journey. Dallas Courier also keeps you in-the-know, with state of the art GPS and tracking systems, showing you the location of your items from start to finish.


With a dedication to safety, honesty, and integrity, Dallas Courier is the right transportation team to streamline your medical delivery process. Our highly trained, 24 hour delivery team is available now to help you get started.