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Immediate DFW Deliveries: Our New Year's Resolution for 2020

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sun, Jan 26, 2020 @ 21:01 PM

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This time of year, there’s a lot of talk about change. Do better, be better, live better… Many folks will resolve to do things differently. But not here at Dallas Courier. We have resolved to do things the same.


For nearly 40 years, Dallas Courier has been your go-to team for transporting everything from pallets of items to one singular piece of paper, keeping speed and security in mind. In 2020, we resolve to keep our customers as our priority. We resolve to serve the Metroplex with immediate DFW deliveries for all those super rush transportation needs.


As research has shown, the best way to ensure your resolution comes to fruition is by having a plan. Here’s ours.


Greet customers with a live team member no matter when they call.

Whether you call us at 3 AM on a weekday, or 11 AM on a Saturday, or bright and early on a federal holiday, you're greeted by a live member of our Dallas Courier team. We don't believe in phone trees or call centers. Forget about some robot and cheesy background music. No matter when you call us, you get a live, knowledgeable, logistics expert from our Dallas Courier family.

Maintain in-house fleet so the right van or truck is available at all times.

We're committed to keeping our vehicles properly maintained before they have a problem. Sure, it might not be the most economical way to go about things, but it's certainly the most honest. We want to make sure our drivers are safe while they're on the road, and that your items are properly cared for in the van or truck. We resolve to have the right vehicle for your needs, every time. 

Carry a full suite of insurance to cover cargo, drivers, and liability.

Not only does Dallas Courier carry the right comprehensive plans from A-rated insurance providers, we're willing to share all the details with you upon request. We've seen our fair share of dishonesty when it comes to proper insurance, and we're committed to doing exactly the opposite. We're driven by the principles of honesty and integrity, and we believe there's no way to live that out if we aren't planning and training for the best, but prepared for the unexpected.

Store items in a secure, centrally located warehouse for fast fulfillment.

If we resolve to make immediate DFW deliveries, then it only makes sense that we need to have your items on hand and available whenever you need them. Allowing Dallas Courier to act as your third party logistics partner for warehousing and fulfillment means your items are secured in our centrally located warehouse thats both temperature controlled and FDA approved. Since we're available for deliveries 24/7, storing your items here means we can pick, pack, and ship them quickly for a speedy delivery within the Metroplex or even beyond the Metroplex.

Give customers Peace of Mind with every delivery.

Last, but certainly not least, we plan to rock 2020 by keeping our foundation strong. We were built nearly four decades ago on the principles of honesty and integrity, with guidance from our faith in Jesus Christ. Like the last 38 years, we're committed to serving the North Texas region with these foundational principles in mind. 


Do you want your business to do things better in 2020? Start with better transportation and logistics processes. A professional third party logistics partner can help your business save money, produce more, and serve your customers better. Forget waiting around for deliveries of important supplies, or failing to offer your clients immediate DFW deliveries on the products they want and need. Let Dallas Courier help you achieve your goal to do things differently in 2020. Contact a live member of our team any time of day or night.