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In Town And Out of Town Deliveries, Your Way

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Mon, Aug 5, 2019 @ 16:08 PM

Dallas Courier, Out of Town Deliveries

My way, or the highway.


How many times have you heard that saying? What if we rocked your world today and told you that it can be your way and the highway? Yes, it’s true.


With Dallas Courier’s custom critical deliveries, your in town and out of town orders can move your way, both near and far. How can you make your custom orders your own? Let us count the ways…


No, really. Let’s count ‘em. Here are 4 ways to make your in town and out of town deliveries uniquely yours.


  • Distance- Whether you need your items to move about the Metroplex, or you’re in need of a delivery team that can travel long distances, your delivery distance is limited only by your time schedule and price point. One thing is for certain, though. No matter where your delivery goes, it will be handled personally by a Dallas Courier team member. We never hand off your items for consolidation to a third party.
  • Speed- Distance and speed are the two most significant factors when it comes to creating the perfect delivery for your organization’s needs. For in town deliveries, Dallas Courier offers completion in as little as 45 minutes. We also offer more economical time frames, including anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, as well as end of day delivery. For your out of town deliveries, you have the option to utilize a custom critical delivery. This option will move your time sensitive items as quickly as possible in a dedicated vehicle. No need to wait for cross docking or consolidation, just speedy, secure service to your final destination.
  • Temperature- Sometimes you know you have temperature sensitive items. Frozen food deliveries, for example, must remain below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Other times, you think your products are shelf stable, but you forget to consider the extreme Texas weather that can damage those goods as they travel long distances. This is when a temperature controlled delivery vehicle is your best bet. You can customize your cargo’s temperature within a few degrees, and we’ll ensure it stays comfy for the ride- no matter how short or long the distance.
  • Special handling- If these options just don’t cut it, don’t worry. There’s more! Dallas Courier aims to please. We’re here to follow your instructions for your in town and out of town deliveries. Let us know if you’d prefer we drop them to a specific person, or if you want us to unbox and dispose of the packaging. If you need photo confirmation, signature capture, or any other white glove services, we can likely accommodate. We also have couriers trained in HIPAA, FDA, OSHA, HazMat, and other federally mandated special handling, so your items are in experienced and knowledgeable hands.





Stop wasting your time and money on delivery teams that offer a menu of services without any wiggle room. You need a delivery team that can move what you want, when you want it, and how you want it moved.  You need Dallas Courier.


For nearly four decades, we’ve been servicing the DFW Metroplex, and the entire country with custom critical deliveries to and from Dallas. Whether you have in town deliveries that need to move about the city, or you have out of town deliveries that have to travel across the United States, Dallas Courier has the right vehicle and team member for the job.


No need to wait until “normal” business hours. Dallas Courier has a live team member answering our phones no matter what time of day you call. That’s service your way, exactly when you need it. Contact us here on our website, or receive immediate assistance by calling 972.680.8000.


Have it your way with Dallas Courier!