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Lab Deliveries in Dallas are Uniquely Suited for Professionals

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, Oct 16, 2019 @ 17:10 PM

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You love the Dallas Cowboys, right? You wouldn’t be a true North Texan if you didn’t! But just because you feel an emotional connection to America’s team doesn’t mean you should suit up in your old high school pads and grocery store bought licensed NFL apparel and trot onto the field with Dax, does it?


No! Of course not! Playing in Sunday Night Football is a job that is uniquely suited to a specific set of individuals. Newsflash: the same goes for your lab deliveries in Dallas. Medical deliveries are a job that is meant for a unique group of individuals. Just like your professional NFL players boast a 10 second dash or an accurate 40 yard field goal, lab couriers must have unique skills to be successful in the DFW medical industry.


Proper Training

Just as no true NFL player would ever step foot on the field without first attending training camp, Dallas Courier’s DFW healthcare delivery drivers go through their own training camp. It includes becoming certified and up to date on HIPPA, OSHA, and HazMat regulations set forth by the federal government.


In the world of lab deliveries in DFW, training isn’t just preferential, it’s mandatory. Operating without the proper training and certification can lead to major fines and even imprisonment. It takes a unique group of individuals with a unique training regimen to safely and securely transport time and temperature sensitive medical deliveries throughout Dallas and Fort Worth.



Tools for Success

You won’t find Whitten without his helmet, or Bailey without his cleats, or Jason Garret without his headset. These are tools to their success. Medical couriers also have tools to successfully complete their jobs.


The right vehicle is a must. Whether that’s a van, straight truck, or flatbed, refrigerated or dry, the right vehicle has to be expertly maintained and ready at any moment’s notice. Other necessary tools include GPS tracking, HazMat spill kits, and cooling options for in and out of vehicle transport.


A Backup Plan

As lifelong Cowboys fans, we know that option A doesn’t always work. Whether that’s for a specific play called on the field or a starting lineup, there always has to be a Plan B. At Dallas Courier, our medical couriers remain in constant contact with our dispatch team. If changes occur in route, that information can be relayed and complied with by our drivers.


At Dallas Courier, we also believe in planning for the best, but preparing for less than. That’s why we carry a full suite of insurance, covering everything from lost or damaged cargo to personal injury. When we’re carrying lifesaving items such as lab deliveries in Dallas, having proper insurance as a backup plan is just the responsible thing to do.


The Right Reputation

We don’t let just anyone wear Cowboys colors. Our team has a reputation of discipline and integrity. To put on the Cowboys uniform means taking on the principles and values of one of the most loved teams in the country.


Here at Dallas Courier, we take those same principles to heart. Our couriers put on a logo-clad polo and khakis as a uniform and symbol of Dallas Courier. We operate on the guiding principles of integrity and honesty in all of our operations. When our drivers put on that uniform, it is a symbol of the training, commitment, and service that are essential to the Dallas Courier business model.


For over 37 years, we’ve built a solid reputation in the transportation and logistics world a dependable and successful delivery team- for everything from medical transport to food distribution to warehousing.


When you’re looking for a team to move your lab deliveries in Dallas go with the right team. Go with Dallas Courier. Contact us here on our website, or call us at 972.680.8000. Our professionals will help you score a delivery touchdown!