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National Coffee Day is the Day You've Been Waiting For

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sat, Sep 28, 2019 @ 20:09 PM

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Sometimes, it pays to state the obvious. It’s obvious that your transportation and logistics processes are extensive. You have supply chains to manage, storage to assess, and customers to service. It’s obvious that you want to complete these tasks well in an effort to grow your business and keep your clients coming back time and time again.


It’s obvious that a professional delivery team like Dallas Courier can manage your transportation and logistics processes with ease and expertise, including those last minute deliveries in DFW. Our centrally located warehouse is the perfect spot for your items to stay long term or short term. Once you’re ready, our team can pick and pack your goods, taking extra care with those sensitive items. Then, we’ll load them in our dry or temperature controlled vans and straight trucks, and your goods are on their way.


Obviously, we won’t stop to consolidate loads or hand off your items to a third party. When you enlist Dallas Courier to transport your time and temperature sensitive goods, your items remain in our hands from start to finish.


It’s pretty obvious that Dallas Courier is your go-to for all things T&L, including last minute deliveries in DFW. Another thing that’s pretty obvious: the importance of coffee.


Sixty-four percent of us consume a cup or more of coffee every day. Globally, that comes out to 400 billion cups of coffee each year. Need we restate the obvious? Coffee is important. So important, in fact, it gets its own day of celebration!


Sunday, September 29th is International Coffee Day.  Here are some fun facts about your favorite morning pick-me-up:


  • Coffee dates back to AD 800 when shepherds noticed their goats were a little hyper after consuming coffee berries.
  • When you add cream, coffee stays warm for 20% longer.
  • Brazil produces 1/3 of the world’s supply of coffee as the number one producer globally.
  • Espresso means “pressed out” in Italian. It refers to the way it is made- by pressing water through ground coffee.
  • Beethoven was a coffee fan- a little neurotic, though. He required exactly 60 beans to make his perfect cup of coffee.
  • Coffee “beans” are actually the pits of the Coffea plant. This plant looks like a cherry with a pit that resembles a legume, which is why we call them coffee beans.
  • The most expensive coffee costs around $600 a pound. It is actually a variety that is made from the feces of civet. This cat like creature eats the berries and excretes the pits (or the coffee beans). That’s some high dollar…excrement.
  • Coffee is really a culture. Since its inception, coffee has been a way for folks to sit around and exchange information.
  • The average American spends $1092 on coffee each year. That comes out to around $20 a week.
  • It is the world’s second largest trade commodity. It falls behind crude oil.
  • In Turkey, it was once acceptable for a wife to divorce her husband if he made a bad cup of coffee.



What’s more dependable than a good ole cup of Joe? The answer is obvious: Dallas Courier. With a 98% on time rate and 24/7 working hours, no matter when you a need a delivery, Dallas Courier is available to move it successfully. With super rush 45 minute services for your last minute deliveries in DFW and long distance critical deliveries- both available any time of day or night- Dallas Courier is your obvious choice for DFW transportation and logistics providers. Sometimes restating the obvious is worth it!


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