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It's Official! Fall is Here

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Fri, Sep 20, 2019 @ 16:09 PM

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It’s hard to believe, but Fall is here! If you’ve been sweating it out in your furry boots and flannel, sipping on your pumpkin spiced latte for the last several weeks, you can finally feel justified. September 23rd is the official Autumn Equinox.


Our Metroplex warehousing and fulfillment team is no different from the rest of you, North Texans. We can’t wait to cozy up to a fire, say goodbye to those pesky mosquitos, and cheer on the Cowboys…but while we wait for Fall-likeness to descend, let’s discover a little more about what this Autumn Equinox actually is, and why it happens when it does.


What is an Equinox?


Sure, you might be picturing a luxury fitness club that costs more than your mortgage, but that’s not where our Metroplex warehousing and fulfillment post is going. The equinox we’re talking about is specific to planet Earth and its rotation around the sun.


Equinox occurs twice a year: once in summer and once in spring. It is on this day that the sun shines directly on the equator, causing there to be equal sunlight and darkness for that day. Day and night are relatively the same length. After that, the days become shorter after the Autumn Equinox, leading to the shortest day of the year- the winter solstice, which occurs this year on December 21st.


The term “equinox” is derived from the Latin words aequus, meaning “equal,” and nox, “night.”


Texas Breaks the Rules…Sort of


While the fall equinox means the start of Fall in the astronomical sense, and in the sense that pumpkin spiced everything is an acceptable menu item, there is another definition of fall that seems to work a little better for us Texans.


The meteorological definition of fall arrives when nights of below-freezing temperatures combined with days that don’t have temperatures above 70 degrees. In other words, for us here in North Texas “never-o’clock”.


All joking aside- Fall is coming for North Texas, at least for a day or two. But it hasn’t quite arrived in the Meteorological sense. We’re kind of used to this season arriving late. What you won’t have to tolerate is lateness with your Dallas Courier team.


Whether you need a hot shot shipment moved from your office to our warehouse or other routine Metroplex warehousing and fulfillment services, our couriers are committed to arriving on time, every time, when time matters most. We're so committed, that it's in our slogan "When Time Matters". 


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Cooler weather might be late, but it's worth waiting for. No need to wait for a cool delivery, though. Our Dallas Courier team operates 24/7, and has just the right vehicle and team member available to move your time and temperature sensitive goods to or from our centrally located warehouse. Don't wait! Contact us today.