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One Hour Services Are Your Next Big Thing

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, Jul 10, 2019 @ 20:07 PM

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Searching for the next big thing to take your business to the next level? The answer might be hiding in your transportation and logistics processes. Here’s why one hour services might be YOUR next big thing.


Convenience Culture

It should come as no surprise that taking your business to the next level begins with improving customer friendly business operations. A professional courier team providing one hour services can help you give your customers what they want- fast. 


As Veruca Salt told us (over and over and over again), “I want it now!” Your customers want their items now. One of the best ways to assure they get what they want is to be available to them any time of day or night, ready to deliver within the hour. But making that happen can be tough when you’re handling your own deliveries. Instead, grow your customers’ confidence by letting an experienced courier transport time sensitive items, assuring your customers convenience needs are met.



Your Employees

You hired your employees to carry out tasks within your company, not to step away from their work for hours at a time to make an urgent delivery. Sending your employees out for one hour deliveries within town seems like a great idea. After all, it’s only an hour, right?


The truth is, that one hour delivery turns into two hours, just by your employee leaving the office. Deliveries are a round-trip activity. Tack on a few more hours for traffic, and the time it will take for them to return to their task, and you’ll have lost an entire afternoon’s worth of productivity. Instead, let your employees get back to doing their jobs well, and let a courier do their job of executing one hour services.


Equipment and Options

One hour services might require a little extra TLC. A transportation professional has the right equipment and training to handle any expedited items out for delivery. This includes, but is not limited to:



Third party verification of deliveries

Expedited deliveries often involve sensitive items. Legal paperwork, medical specimens, and temperature controlled items are just a few of the common cargo sent via one hour services. Couriers who emphasize the use of technology in their services can give you a heads up on the location of your item at any time during the delivery process. They can also give you information about the exact time of delivery, location of the item, and the individual who signed for it.


A third party logistics provider can give you accurate verification of your sensitive items out for delivery. The “paper” trail is easily trackable and provides evidence of completed delivery, should your business require it.


One Hour Won’t Cut It?

What happens when a one hour service just isn’t the right delivery option for your item? You find the right option, of course, with the assistance of a knowledgeable trained professional. Dallas Courier, for example, offers the following alternatives to one hour services:


  • Super rush- Deliveries that need to move in town, in less than an hour might be eligible for 45-minute shipping options.
  • 2, 3, and 4 hour deliveries- More economical options are available for items that need to move quickly, but not as quickly as 60 minutes.
  • Scheduled deliveries- The most cost effective solution to your T&L needs is scheduling your deliveries in advance. This gives you assurance and peace of mind that your deliveries will make it on time, every time.


One hour services are completed well when they’re left to a professional delivery service like Dallas Courier. We offer the speed and price to fit the service you need, with satisfaction guaranteed. For over three decades, we’ve been serving customers in the Metroplex and throughout the country.


Contact us today to find out how our Dallas Courier team can bring your business its next big thing!