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‘Tis the Season for Generosity

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, Nov 20, 2019 @ 19:11 PM

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It’s all too simple to fall into the trap of selfishness as the holidays roll around. We become hyper focused on what we can “get”:


Get there early for Black Friday sales. Get your teacher gifts Pinterest-prepared. Get the best deals on your overnight deliveries in Dallas.  Get your house decorated, your lights up, and your Christmas list accomplished. With all the getting, it’s easy to see how we forget about the giving.


Generosity should be the aim this season. We all know it’s a season about giving and spending time with loved ones, but let’s say you’re not into all that. Even if your heart is two sizes too small, Grinch-style, you’re going to want to consider the ways you can be generous this season. Here’s why:


Generous people are totally happier.


It’s true. A recent study shows that there is a strong, positive correlation between acts of selflessness and life satisfaction. The more you give, the better you feel. According to the study, people who were considered "highly generous" were more than twice as likely to report feeling “very satisfied” with their life overall. They were also three times more likely to say that they feel “very happy every day”, suggesting that they are not just happier, but they’re happier more often than those who are less generous.


It’s no coincidence, though. Scientists have discovered through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that the parts of the brain responsible for happiness and the parts of the brain responsible for performing charitable acts interact when people perform generous behaviors. In other words, our brain signals that these altruistic actions are pleasurable.


Highly generous people are also friendlier. This same study suggested that the more generous group had 3.2 close friends, while the less generous group had 2.6. “Close friend” was defined by someone who would drive you to the airport, visit you at the hospital, or care for your children.


What do you have to give?


It’s natural to wonder what you have that others can benefit from. Of course, financially giving is the most obvious move. This is the perfect time of year to give to your favorite charity. You can claim the donation on your taxes, and a cause you care about is benefitted. But money isn’t the end-all, be-all of charity.


There are plenty of ways to give without pulling out your wallet. Your time is one of the most precious resources you have. Our couriers know this well, which is why we offer to move your overnight deliveries in Dallas so you can use your time on more important tasks (like sleeping!)


You also have specific talents and gifts that can translate into charitable actions. Perhaps you’re a seamstress who can hem clothing for struggling families who are job hunting in suits that might not fit just right. Maybe you’re a skilled carpenter who can create bunk beds for halfway houses. Or you could be a teacher who can donate tutoring hours to a school that serves a lower income community. We all have gifts. It’s up to us to find ways to share them generously.


Want a lasting dose of happiness this holiday season? Then find out how you can implement a few more generous actions into your day. Whether it’s giving a smile and a high five to your favorite courier making overnight deliveries in Dallas, or it’s setting up a food drive in your Church foyer, generosity is IN this season.


Live longer and live happier when you forget the “get”, and focus on the “give”.


While you’re at it, “give” your Eagle Express team a call today. We’re standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any and all of your transportation needs.