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If You Have Dry Cargo, We Have a Straight Truck Delivery for That

Have you taken in an aerial view of Downtown Dallas lately? Or even North Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, or any of the cities surrounding the Metroplex? Just for kicks, Google it. We’ll wait.


Crazy, huh? With so many highways, freeways, and tollways, it’s no wonder that the North Texas region is a hotbed for trucking. Trucks are delivering items to and from cities around the Metroplex, as well as to and from locations outside of the Metroplex. Many of them make daily or weekly routes on I-35 and I-45 to and from Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, hitting the major metropolitan areas seven days a week.


While a straight truck delivery can include anything from food to pharmaceuticals, we’re going to focus today’s blog on dry cargo. How does a straight truck delivery accommodate your dry cargo? Let’s find out in FOUR questions.

What Affects the Timing of a DFW Same Day Delivery?

One of the best parts about being a local courier in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex is that we get to deliver same day items, no matter what day of the week. Some of the big name logistics companies can offer 4 hour delivery options, but they come with a slew of stipulations. “Must be within 45 miles.” “Must be ready for pickup by 4PM.” “No delivery on Sunday.”


What about those deliveries that don’t fit in this DFW same day delivery box created by the big box transportation providers? What happens when you have an urgent delivery need on a holiday or after hours?

When Transportation Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Hundreds of millions. That quantity could mean something awesome. Like, for example, if you had hundreds of millions of dollars in your bank account. (Hey, we can dream.) Or, when you consider the hundreds of millions of stars in the sky. A quantity that large is pretty spectacular, right?


Unless, of course, you’re talking about germs. Yuck. Did you know there’s one thing lurking in your house right this very moment that transports hundreds of millions of germs around every time you use it? It’s true.


Transportation for healthcare items in Dallas is a good thing. Transportation for hundreds of millions of nasty germs? Not a good thing. Since we’re in the throes of cold and flu season, now is the time to educate yourself on the germiest places in your home, and the ways you can banish the multitude of germs being transported around your living space each day. Take notes! Just wash your hands, first.

The Right Vehicle Makes All the Difference for Your Deliveries in DFW

Have you ever seen a four year old boy in front of the toy car aisle in a store? If you haven’t had the pleasure 🙄, I’ll set the scene for you. There are no less than 30 different types of die cast vehicles to sort through. There is a small child pulling every one of them off the shelf for closer inspection. Somewhere close by is a parent or guardian who is looking at their watch and repeatedly saying, “ok, you have one more minute to make a choice!” But with monster trucks and race cars, wheel size and pinstripes, paint color and ground clearance to take into consideration, that kid could be there all day.


The moral of this story: Even a four year old knows that the right vehicle makes all the difference.


Deliveries in DFW vary by location, distance, and item out for delivery. There could be one envelope on a rush order across town or 15 pallets on their way to Florida. Add onto that special instructions and sensitive handling, and you have yourself an exponential number of possible delivery scenarios. With so many different plans, it makes sense that there is no one-size-fits-all vehicle to accommodate.


Knowing the right vehicle for your deliveries in DFW makes all the difference when you’re aiming for success. But what if you don’t know the right vehicle? You know what you need transported, but you just don’t know how to get it there.

Put a Little Logic in Your Dallas Area Logistics

Work smarter, not harder. The origin of that phrase is unclear, but one thing IS for sure, putting it into practice sure is satisfying. No matter what industry you serve in the Metroplex, chances are you could use a little less hard work and a little more success.



How can you make your logistics more logical? See what our couriers can offer your business in the way of Dallas area logistics.

These Super Bowl Winners and Losers Are in Your Hands

In the world of food distribution and delivery in Fort Worth and Dallas, there are clear winners and losers. The courier who transports your temperature sensitive items without proper cool packs or a refrigerated vehicle? Not a winner. The courier who is available 24/7 with the proper cooling techniques, refrigerated vehicles, and sanitized containers? Definitely a winner.

Immediate DFW Deliveries: Our New Year's Resolution for 2020

This time of year, there’s a lot of talk about change. Do better, be better, live better… Many folks will resolve to do things differently. But not here at Dallas Courier. We have resolved to do things the same.


For nearly 40 years, Dallas Courier has been your go-to team for transporting everything from pallets of items to one singular piece of paper, keeping speed and security in mind. In 2020, we resolve to keep our customers as our priority. We resolve to serve the Metroplex with immediate DFW deliveries for all those super rush transportation needs.


As research has shown, the best way to ensure your resolution comes to fruition is by having a plan. Here’s ours.

How to Spot the Differences Between T&L Providers in Dallas

Sometimes, the difference between two things is obvious. For example, the jar of pasta sauce on the shelf at the grocery store will taste different than the homemade stuff cooked over the stove for five hours by your little Italian Nonna. Your kid’s peewee football team might run a flea flicker, but it’s going to look less professional than if the Cowboys were to run the same play (we think…maybe that’s a bad example).


As you put two, seemingly similar things up against one another, sometimes spotting the difference isn’t as simple as pasta or football plays. And in those instances, it might be difficult to make the right decision the first time, avoiding the consequences of a poor choice. As you seek a delivery team to partner in your transportation and logistics processes in Dallas and Fort Worth, you’re going to be faced with many options, all of which might look too similar to discern the great from the not-so-great.


If you’re in that position, then considering these specifics will assist you in racking and stacking your delivery teams, in hopes of presenting a clear choice for your transportation and logistics partner.

The Year is Fresh, and So are Your Deliveries with a Cold Courier

It might be winter, but tell that to this North Texas weather, amiright? But even though our weather might not be cold, deliveries throughout the Metroplex still can be.


If you’re unfamiliar with a cold courier’s job in the DFW supply chain, we’ll give you the scoop.

It’s Not Too Late for These Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

We’re halfway through the month of January. How are those New Year's resolutions going for ya? Studies show that, while many of us will resolve to do something in the New Year, nearly 80% will fail by the second week in February.




As a third party delivery service, failure is not an option for Dallas Courier. When we commit to something like a scheduled or hot shot delivery, success is the only option. While the odds are in your favor as a Dallas Courier client, the odds aren’t in your favor if you’re planning on keeping your New Year's resolutions.