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Let’s TACO-bout Your Favorite Courier

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Thu, Oct 3, 2019 @ 21:10 PM


Forget pumpkin spice. There is a way better seasoning that gets a little attention in October. It’s taco seasoning. Yes, cumin, garlic powder, pepper and all the tasty friends come together for one special day in the month of October. National Taco Day is October 4th.


It’s undeniable, the greatness of tacos. Whether you’re mixing it up with seafood or tofu or sticking to the original ground beef, tacos are a staple of TexMex food. It seems fitting that they get their own day of celebration.


But if we’re on the topic of pure greatness, we’d be remiss not to discuss the greatness of Dallas Courier. For over 37 years, our team has been serving as your number one quality courier in Fort Worth and Dallas, making every day as exciting as Taco Tuesday. Since our favorite food and the Metroplex’s favorite couriers are both so likeable, it’s ok to combine our two favorites into one, all-encompassing blog post.


Let’s taco-bout tacos, or in this case TACO, the acronym to describe DFW’s favorite couriers (which just so happens to be the name of our favorite food).


T- Transportation


            Dallas Courier is a full service transportation and logistics provider. If you have transportation needs, we have solutions. With straight trucks, vans, refrigerated options, and centrally located secure warehousing space, Dallas Courier offers transportation and logistics solutions for any and all of your cargo.


A- All Items

            As a general rule of thumb, Dallas Courier has the equipment and personnel to move anything. Technology, food items, medical specimens, retail products, antiques, and more…we have trucks, vans, and couriers to move them all. That includes items that require special care. Whether it’s a certification, like HIPAA or OSHA, or refrigeration for those temperature controlled deliveries, our team is capable of handling it all. If you’re not sure if our team has the means to move your cargo, call us any time of day or night and ask. We’re staffed 24/7.


C- Customer Service

            One major factor that separates Dallas Courier from the rest of the DFW T&L providers is our commitment to principles. We know that in order to serve as a quality courier in Fort Worth and Dallas, we have to keep honesty and integrity at the forefront of our operations. We believe that our customers are what make our business special. Serving the needs of fellow North Texans is what we love to do. We strive for 5 star service every time. Want to hear what our customers have to say? Read some of their testimonials here.


O-  On Demand

            The best part about these TACOs? You can get them anytime. Dallas Courier is open to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Weekends, holidays, and every day in between, our couriers can transport your time and temperature sensitive items at a moment’s notice. We offer deliveries in as little as 45 minutes, as well as more economical deliveries in 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours.


If you’re more of a planner, Dallas Courier has just the thing for you! With our smart phone app, you can schedule your deliveries in advance. This saves you time, money, and stress. You can also rest assured knowing that your preplanned daily, weekly, or biweekly routes will be completed on time, every time.



No sense in just talking about your favorite delivery team! Go ahead and contact Dallas Courier today to taco-bout your delivery needs with the experts themselves. We’re manning the phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So on October 4th, enjoy your tacos on National Taco Day, but don’t wait to ring Dallas Courier. We’re standing by now.