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Outsourcing Your Refrigerated Delivery is the Right Move

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Thu, Nov 7, 2019 @ 15:11 PM

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As a business operating in Dallas Fort Worth, you understand that customers are the number one priority of a successful business. Providing prompt, efficient, and accurate service to your clients is a core competency that consumes a great deal of your company’s resources.


What if we told you that saving time and money while improving your customer service was just one phone call away? For businesses who utilize refrigerated trucking, it is!


A variety of industries in the Metroplex utilize refrigerated box truck delivery services. Whether it’s a daily, weekly, or urgent refrigerated delivery need, managing your own fleet, hiring your own drivers, and assuring accurate final mile services can be taxing for your business. As a result, you lose precious hours of focus and risk unhappy customers and costly fix-it reparations when things go awry.


Instead, consider the benefits of outsourcing your refrigerated box truck delivery needs. We’re sure you’ll find unique ways your business benefits, but here are a few common perks to hiring the right refrigerated courier:


#1 Keep Health and Safety As a Focal Point

Whether your business requires refrigerated transportation for food, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals, health and safety while in transit should be the top priority. Unfortunately, in our culture of convenience, it can become tempting to forego these concerns in favor of an expedited delivery. A professional delivery team can ensure that your items travel quickly and safely. Here at Dallas Courier, transportation is what we do. We’ve had decades of experience in learning and perfecting the best practices to ensure that your items arrive in impeccable condition, safe for consumption or use otherwise.


#2 Put into Practice Federal Regulations

How familiar are you with HIPAA regulations? Or OSHA practices? Or the new Food Safety Modernization Act? We’re not asking to embarrass you, we’re showing you that staying up to date on federal regulations can be daunting when you’re running your own business! Outsourcing your refrigerated box truck delivery to a certified and trained delivery team puts your mind at rest. We’re up to snuff on federal regulations, and we’re ensuring that our part in your supply chain will check all the boxes of an appropriate delivery.


#3 Win Back Your Time

Time is money, DFW business owners! And don’t you know it! One of the fantastic perks of outsourcing your delivery efforts is that you gain back those precious man hours. Your employees get to keep up with their intended tasks instead of sitting in traffic on the freeway or climbing dozens of flights of stairs in a downtown office building.



#4 Give Your Customers What They Want, When They Want It

Refrigerated deliveries aren’t reserved for medical items or food distribution. Temperature controlled vehicles can transport anything for your customers. Think: antiques, technology, furniture, flowers, and so much more. Having the right vehicle to transport any items makes serving your customers’ unique needs easy. 


Not only that, a great refrigerated box truck delivery courier can transport anything any time. Scheduled route deliveries keep your products in stock at distributors, or your medications on the shelves for customers. A short, one time set up can keep your daily, weekly, or biweekly routes moving from now until you say otherwise. What about a last minute delivery that needs to move now? An on demand delivery team can have your items on the go in 45 minutes or less while you keep up with your own to do list.


Here’s the bottom line: Hiring out your refrigerated box truck delivery needs can improve your bottom line.


Call us today at 972-680-800, or find us here on our contact page to request a free quote for service. See what Dallas Courier can do to improve your business practices as you serve your customers in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.