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Gobble Up These Tips for A Lighter Thanksgiving Plate

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Nov 26, 2019 @ 15:11 PM

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"Gobble, gobble." That’s the actual sound I make when it comes time to fill my extra-large Chinet plate with turkey, gravy, and all the fixin’s. But one thing that isn’t so finger licking good? The extra pounds most of us put on between now and the New Year. If dieting isn’t exactly the first thing on your mind this Thanksgiving, you’re in luck. You can have both: a healthy meal and a delicious meal.


Having it all isn’t exactly a new thing. With Dallas Courier, you have everything you need, from logistics to transportation, in one experienced delivery team. We’re your one stop shop for all T&L operations, including acting as your go-to refrigerated courier in DFW. You can have a fast, on demand delivery, and know that your items remain in the perfect temperature specific atmosphere for the entire duration of their journey- whether that’s across town or across the country.


This Thanksgiving, have it all when you follow these expert tips from our expert couriers:


  • Eat first- Yes, it goes against everything your mother ever told you, but if you show up to Thanksgiving dinner having fasted all day, you’re going to make some questionable food choices once it’s time to chow down.
  • Go small- Science tells us that a smaller plate can trick us into feeling full after just one serving. Even if you do go back for seconds, you’ll probably still end up with less food than you would have if you started with a large plate.
  • Think green- Sure, it’s good to recycle, but we’re talking about leafy greens. Opt for a colorful plate, half full of veggies. A green salad is best, but if you can’t find that on the table, opt for the appetizer veggie platter to fill half your plate.
  • Eat slowly- Leave the gobbling to the turkeys. Eat slowly so you have time to feel satisfied with your meal.
  • Choose water- Alcoholic beverages add unnecessary calories and sugar to your meal. Water also helps you to feel full, and can flush out some of the excess sodium you’ll be ingesting on Turkey Day.
  • Focus on your family- Thanksgiving does have a lot to do with food, but the center of your holiday is about family. Be fulfilled by the love and joy around you, and let that distract a little from the buffet table.
  • Fugettaboutit- My big fat Italian family would tell you that when you make a Thanksgiving meal mistake, just forget about it! Move on, give yourself some grace, and make better choices next time.


Have it all this Thanksgiving! Enjoy your meal, but don’t overindulge with these great tips from your number one refrigerated courier in DFW. Don’t forget- Dallas Courier offers it all, too. Our list of services is extensive, but not all inclusive. If you have specialized delivery needs, feel free to contact our experts any time of day or night for a free quote and a unique service plan to suit your business’s T&L operations. Find us here on the web, or call us at 214-351-5777 to speak to a live member of our team.

Happy Thanksgiving!