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The True Cost of Using a Cut Rate Courier Service

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Thu, Aug 15, 2019 @ 21:08 PM

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If I learned one thing from economics class, and it is likely that I did learn just one thing, it’s this: There’s no such thing as a free lunch.


What does your courier have to do with lunch? Well, surprisingly a lot. Considering our reliable couriers in DFW offer food logistics that transport routine deliveries of time and temperature sensitive foods to your favorite restaurants and grocery stores, couriers might be one of the biggest reasons you get to sit down to lunch every day. That’s a blog for another day, though!


What that phrase really means is you’ll always end up paying for something that seems like it will cost you nothing. Whether it’s in time or money, you will end up paying for your “free” lunch. For the transportation world, this phrase can be applied to your selection of transportation professional.


Upon first glance, it might seem like a wise choice to select a courier that offers the cheapest service. Save money where you can, right? Pass those savings along to your customers, improve your bottom line, get the job done. This sounds perfect!


But remember…there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Is hiring a cut rate courier service really going to save you money in the long run? Our Dallas Courier team doesn’t think so. In fact, here are a few points to consider as you budget the true cost of going with anyone other than reliable couriers in DFW.


Unreliable or unavailable couriers- Cut rate couriers often hold limited hours and provide limited services. They can offer services for cheaper because they can’t meet all of your needs to include hot shot deliveries, oversized cargo, or strict temperature control. When you have a sensitive delivery on a weekend or after hours, your cut rate courier is unlikely to be available to meet your needs.


Unhappy customers- Late deliveries or unscrupulous drivers can really give your business a bad reputation. Even if your employees are the exact opposite, the courier you hire is considered a representation of your company. You can’t afford to lose customers based on the actions of a third party transportation team. Instead, opt for a courier who screens and trains their drivers. Find a team that provides uniformed and friendly service to your customers- a team that can make a great first impression to keep your customers coming back time and time again.


Loss of cargo- A less experienced courier can offer services for less, but they won’t have proven track record of excellence, or a satisfaction guarantee on your deliveries. Damaged cargo is a big concern with an inexperienced team. This is especially true for ultra-sensitive items such as fragile cargo or medical deliveries. Cargo theft is another valid concern. A bottom of the barrel courier is unlikely to hire quality team members who can be trusted with valuable or sensitive cargo. When your items are damaged or lost in transit, will your cut rate courier be able to make reparations?


Uninsured, or improperly insured couriers- That last question is ultra-important. The only way your courier of choice can rectify a situation like lost or damaged cargo is if they hold a suite of insurance policies from A-rated providers. This can be costly, as Dallas Courier well knows, but it’s worth it. Without full coverage and quality providers, you could be on the hook for lost or damaged cargo. You’ll also be expected to make reparations quickly by replacing the items, if possible. Your costs easily double or triple, all because you went with a cut rate courier.


Here at Dallas Courier, you won’t find cut rate prices or bottom of the barrel team members. What you will find is fair prices for quality and superior service in a multitude of transportation and logistics processes.


We believe you get what you pay for. And when you go with Dallas Courier, you might pay a little more, but you can rest easy knowing your items are in great hands. Our trained and experienced professionals know exactly how to handle your sensitive cargo, and they are fully insured, providing you confidence in the delivery process.


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