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Safe Delivery Drivers in North Texas Want to End the Streak

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Wed, Feb 19, 2020 @ 19:02 PM

Dallas Courier, Safe Delivery Drivers in North Texas

Texas is known for many awesome things. A great steak. America’s favorite (?) football team. Wide open plains. Stellar sunsets.


But one claim to fame that’s no so great? Texas leads the nation in traffic related deaths. That’s a tough pill to swallow.


To put it into perspective, consider this: beginning on November 7, 2000, every single day, a person dies on Texas roads. This means 67,000 people have perished. On average, about 10 people die each day on North Texas roads. It’s not just happening on the highways and interstates, either. Residential streets with speed limits of 30 mph are where most kids are injured or killed.


I think we all agree that this has to stop. But the question is how? The state of Texas has taken steps in the last year to bring traffic related deaths down to zero by the year 2025. Here at Dallas Courier, we also are doing our part as safe delivery drivers in North Texas. Find out how, together, we’re changing the way Texans drive.


What is the state of Texas doing about this epidemic?

Last year the state of Texas adopted a plan called “Vision Zero”, which aims to eliminate all traffic related deaths by the year 2025.  This is a bold proposition, but it’s one that more than half of the states in the US have already adopted. Texas is late to the party, but recognizing that we have a problem is the first step.


The next step is using funding to create safer roads for all. This includes widening highways, adding alert strips to highways, and reinforcing guardrails. It also means making roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists with designated lanes and overpasses.


Let’s not forget the role technology plays in Vision Zero. In 2000, the year this streak began, the iPhone was not yet invented, social media wasn’t a thing, and folks had fewer reasons to take their eyes off of the road. Legislation for reducing the use of electronics while driving is another key to the success of this vision.


Unfortunately, the next steps are drastic. They require an entirely new mindset. Here in North Texas, we’re as society that is based on suburban development. Since the last economic boom, more folks are commuting, and more cars are on the road for longer every day than ever before. If we want to change the trends, we need to consider our part in perpetuating the one-car-per-person cycle. This means adopting radical transportation practices to include ridesharing and better public transportation.



What is Dallas Courier doing to support this initiative?

Dallas Courier is committed to putting safe delivery drivers on the road, exclusively. In order to ensure this, we carry out extensive background checks on all of our prospective drivers. Before they wear the Dallas Courier logo, we vet them to ensure they’re Dallas Courier material. Excellent driving records and training in all facets of safety during transport are required.


Here at Dallas Courier, we also adhere to all federal and local safety standards. While our team might be in a super rush with your urgent deliveries, you’ll never find us cutting corners, literally or figuratively. We’re committed to safe handling and safe driving, as outlined by federal HIPAA standards, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Texas Department of Transportation.


We also utilize state of the art technology to ensure our driers are taking the most economical routes, which is not only better for the environment, but also gets your items to their end location quickly and safely. This type of tech also allows our drivers to keep their eyes on the road, as dispatchers can provide up-to-date changes on routes or traffic on behalf of the drivers behind the wheel.


What are you doing to #EndTheStreak? In the next five years, Texas wants to bring traffic related deaths down to zero. That’s something our safe delivery drivers can support. If you’re interested in reducing your time on the road, contact Dallas Courier to find out what logistics and transportation services we can offer your business. Let our safe delivery drivers handle your routine and urgent transportation needs. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied!