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Is Hyper Speed Coming to North Texas?

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sun, Oct 27, 2019 @ 12:10 PM

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Moving fast is great. But what about moving at Hyper Speed? That’s something straight out of a science fiction novel. Isn’t it? As of last week, it might be one step closer to reality for us living in the Metroplex.


Virgin’s Hyperloop One is considering taking North Texas into hyper speed, or, to be more exact, over 600 miles per hour. In case you haven’t heard about this dream come true, let our super rush couriers fill you in.


Virgin Hyperloop One is a technology company that is looking to commercialize high speed technology to move cargo and passengers at the speed of air travel without ever entering the skies. Instead, the company aims to send pods “hurtling” through miles of tubes at speeds up to 725 miles per hour direct to their destination.

Let’s put that into perspective. That’s like traveling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in 30 minutes. Or traveling from New York City to Washington, DC in 30 minutes. Or North Texas to San Antonio in 25 minutes. No traffic. No construction. No car!


It sounds like a dream come true, but it might be one step closer to reality for us here in North Texas. Just this week, the Regional Transportation Council, part of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, released that Virgin Hyperloop One is considering North Texas for their new certification facility.


Currently, the company has a certification facility in Nevada that has a full scale test track for the Hyperloop. But they’re looking for something a little bigger.


As you know, everything is bigger and better in Texas, which is why Virgin Hyperloop is considering building a larger certification facility right here in North Texas. The company is looking for a large space for a four year development project. The first phase, a 1 mile tube, would need to be built between February 2020 and August 2021, with a larger, nine mile tube to be completed by November 2023.


Imagine moving your cargo, or yourself in a pod traveling through a steel tube at hundreds of miles an hour. You’ll feel little to no turbulence, and only when your pod comes to a magnetically induced stop in a vacuum powered tunnel will you realize your journey is over…or even that it began at all!


Virgin’s Hyperloop lauds itself as faster, cheaper, and greener- all things that North Texans are hoping for when it comes to transportation. The best part about it? Tickets are said to be as little as $20. Sure beats the outrageous airline prices these days.


Will North Texas become the new home to a new-age transportation dream? We’ll have to wait and see. Until then, you can count on the next best thing to hyper speed: a super rush courier.


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