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Le Mans 24 Hours is to Courier Services Dallas

Dallas Courier is to Le Mans 24 Hours as Peanut Butter is to Jelly.

Remember those comparisons from your high school days? I can't say I miss them. But, I figured today was the day to use one. Dallas Courier Services is to the Le Mans 24 race as peanut butter to jelly. Suffice it to say, it makes total sense that our courier blog would feature the Le Mans race. Why, you ask? I'll be answering just that.

Our couriers Dallas love speed. We also love endurance. That'

Olympic Games & Dallas Courier

The Olympic Games. Every two years, the world watches as the greatest from around the globe compete in either summer or winter games. They train, they travel, they play to win.

DFW Couriers: LBJ Express Update

As Dallas couriers, it’s not surprising that we literally drive all over this grand Metroplex. From sun-up to sun-up (yes, we make 24 hour deliveries in Dallas), we are out and about. With every day that passes, our couriers are grateful to those who keep our highways and roads primed for driving. Without them, we would be toast!

DFW Couriers: From Resolution to REALITY.

Welcome, 2012! We said goodbye to 2011 (it was a great year, but it was time), and we rang in 2012. With champagne in one hand, a streamer in the other and smooch on the lips, there really is not better way to kick off a new year. Oh, except for resolutions.

Dallas Couriers: Paying Homage to Pigeons

Ca-caw! Ca-caw! Ca-caw!