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Couriers Dallas: Roots in Pony Express

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Courier Dallas: Mastering the Masters

Golf. I used to think it was boring. Hit the ball, pick it up, tip you hat. But this weekend, I sat down with an open mind and watched the 2011 Masters. The verdict? It was FUN!!

Now, many on our courier Dallas team are golf fans, so around here, people were getting pretty excited about the tournament. Our courier Dallas President was raised by a golf addict, so of course, he likes golf too. So, as a part of this courier Dallas team, I knew it was my duty to experience the Masters and actually pay attention. Eagle, par, birdie… these words meant nothing to me until this weekend. That all changed. I enjoyed the game and more importantly, I learned the game of golf.

24 Hour Courier Dallas: Animals We Want To Be

The other night I was with my older sister enjoying a lovely Friday night. Want to know what we were doing? Working, working, and more working – on a Friday night no less! Sometimes working on a Friday night is just part of the deal no matter how hard it may be. Our 24 hour courier Dallas team certainly knows about always being on call. Our Dallas route courier team knows about working hard too. Boy, we’ve got some hard working people on our team!

Dallas Delivery Route Team: Here Comes the Super Bowl!

Ok, I know this is a little premature, but I can’t help but get excited about the upcoming Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium – aka “Jerry’s World.” Our Dallas delivery route specialists are getting pumped about big game, even if our beloved Cowboys won’t be making an appearance.

The biggest football game of the year is less than a month away (February 6). With all of the tourists that will be in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, it’s high time we know a thing or two about the stadium watched around the world.

Delivery Dallas Texas: Reasons to be Thankful

Today is the day we have all been looking forward to for quite a few weeks now. Today is Thanksgiving! Our Dallas delivery team wants to take time today to be voice what we are thankful for. Here our some of the things on our list:

24 Hour Delivery Dallas – Ancient People Were SMART.

At Dallas Courier, we are admittedly obsessed with time. When you call, we answer in a timely manner. When you need something delivered, it is delivered on time. Not only do we live by time, we work around the clock. That means we are available for 24 hour delivery. Dallas is an up all night kind of city, which means our business never sleeps.

Since time is so important to us and each Dallas delivery route we complete, the history of time is something we know about. Courier services have essentially been around for ages, and they have all operated based on time. In Rome, there were ‘running footmen’ who carried messages for the wealthy people – politicians, land owners, etc. In colonial America, men on horseback carried information from town to town – which was critical in the Revolutionary War.