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Bank Courier Dallas: Cash, Debit, or Credit?

Take a hypothetical journey with the Bank Courier Dallas employees to this weekend when you’re out shopping. You go to make your purchase, and the cashier asks you the age-old question, “will that be cash, debit, or credit?” Your palms get a little sweaty. You immediately rack your brain to remember if you have any paper bills on hand, whether you paid your credit card bill on time, or if your checking account even has $46.89 in it. It’s a tough question to answer, but did you know in most cases there is a right and a wrong way to proceed? The Bank Deliveries Dallas folks don’t want you to sweat it when it comes time to make your purchases. That’s why they’ve put together this blog to help you answer the next time you’re faced with a “cash, debit, or credit” choice.

Dallas Bank Delivery: How To Save When Shopping

Hey Dallas Bank Delivery blog readers, you know why I love grocery shopping? Because it’s a true sign of who is in control when it comes to running a household. I get to say what people eat, drink, nosh, and enjoy (or don’t enjoy). One thing that totally stinks about grocery shopping, though, is how expensive your food can be. Every time I go, I have just a few things in mind, and I come home with $100 worth of impulse buys and junk food. Sure, I can save money by becoming an extreme couponer. But that would require that the newspaper actually make it’s way inside the house instead of rotting on my driveway, being run over 25 times before some merciful soul throws it in my trash for me on dump day.

Dallas Bank Courier: Tightening Your Belt and the Budget

Americans are known for their love of fast food. In my neighborhood, there are three fast food restaurants within half a mile of my home- and they all have the same name! It’s hard to resist the smell of French fries and hamburgers wafting through the air as you pass by the increasingly easy to navigate drive thrus, but the Dallas Bank Courier guys and gals tell me that more and more Americans are saying “no” to fast food for a variety of reasons.

Bank Couriers Dallas: Paid to Play… Yay or Nay?

While the crisp fall air is not quite here, one of our favorite indicators that autumn is around the corner is the comeback of college football. Here at Dallas Courier, the football fans at our Bank Couriers Dallas team love a good Saturday tailgate and an old college rivalry.  Unfortunately, this year, there is less talk about plays and wins and more talk about money and fines. Whether it’s the Oklahoma State Cowboys’ scandal or Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M, it sure seems like a lot of buzz is surrounding the controversy of collegiate players violating NCAA bylaws that prohibit players to receive payment.