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Dallas Bank Delivery: Lighten Up Your Latte

Back in my college days, before I was writing Dallas Bank Delivery blogs for Dallas Courier, I worked as a barista. If you aren’t quite as learned as our Bank Deliveries Dallas team, or maybe over-priced coffee isn’t your style, “barista” is a snooty word for “coffee maker”. As a barista, I knew exactly what was going into your fancy cup of Joe. Those calories really add up! Take your favorite chocolately, caffeinated mocha drink. That bad boy packs 400 calories, 15 grams of fat, and nearly 50 grams of sugar! Pretty soon, you’re adding on 10-40 pounds a year just from your regular coffee drink. We agree that the madness has to stop, right? The great news is you don’t have to give up your coffee fix to whittle your waistline. Here are some fancy coffee terms to tell your barista to slash calories and lighten up your latte.

Bank Deliveries Dallas: What a Waste!

Imagine it: You’re eating a rather greasy piece of pizza. You see that your fingers are a little dirty, so you take a $100 bill out of your wallet (I know… I said imagine!), wipe your hands, and throw that bill in the trash. Chances are, you would never catch yourself doing this, but the reality is Americans do waste a whole lot of money. One count has it at over half a trillion dollars a year on things like fines, fees, and unhealthy vices like cigarettes, alcohol, and gambling. Our Bank Deliveries Dallas team likes to see your money go to a good place- like the bank. So for today’s Bank Deliveries Dallas blog, we’ve highlighted the top ten ways Americans blow their cash. 

Dallas Bank Delivery: Top Uses for Your Tax Refund

Phew! America, rejoice! A weight has been lifted off our shoulders! (Especially if you’re an accountant.) The 2013 tax season is over. If you’re like me, you may have been up all night April 14th getting the paperwork prepared, filed, stamped, and in the mail box. There are still some stragglers out there who may have applied for an extension, but for most of us, we can rest easy for a year. Except for our Dallas Bank Delivery team- tax season may be over, but they’re still out there racing across town to take care of your money matters. That includes taking that big fat tax refund check to the bank for you.

Dallas Bank Courier: Tightening Your Belt and the Budget

Americans are known for their love of fast food. In my neighborhood, there are three fast food restaurants within half a mile of my home- and they all have the same name! It’s hard to resist the smell of French fries and hamburgers wafting through the air as you pass by the increasingly easy to navigate drive thrus, but the Dallas Bank Courier guys and gals tell me that more and more Americans are saying “no” to fast food for a variety of reasons.

Bank Deliveries Dallas: Recycling Made Easy

I had a lot of family in town last week. If you walked outside my house, you could see it bursting at the seams. We had folks sleeping on the couches, the floors, on air mattresses, and two and three to a bed (that’s sisterly love, there!). My family had a lot going on, not unlike our Bank Deliveries Dallas team, who is committed to serving our customers anytime, any day. For us, that meant lots of noise, chaos, and, mostly, lots of “stuff”. With that many people, we also produced a lot of trash.

Bank Couriers Dallas: Paid to Play… Yay or Nay?

While the crisp fall air is not quite here, one of our favorite indicators that autumn is around the corner is the comeback of college football. Here at Dallas Courier, the football fans at our Bank Couriers Dallas team love a good Saturday tailgate and an old college rivalry.  Unfortunately, this year, there is less talk about plays and wins and more talk about money and fines. Whether it’s the Oklahoma State Cowboys’ scandal or Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M, it sure seems like a lot of buzz is surrounding the controversy of collegiate players violating NCAA bylaws that prohibit players to receive payment.