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Dallas Bank Courier: What To Do With Your Tax Return

I can hear you now: “Tax return!? I haven’t even downloaded my W2, yet!” Don’t panic. Your taxes aren’t due until April 15th. Even if you wait until the last minute, the Dallas Bank Courier drivers will still be here for you to get that sucker postmarked before the deadline. For those of you who are truly on top of your game, you have already filed and received your tax refund check from the IRS. Score two for you: not only have you beat the tax season rush, you also have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket. What now? 

Dallas Bank Couriers: Young Money

This past weekend my three year old discovered the wonders of the piggy bank. He has a giant smiling pig with his name on it that someone gave him when he was born. Until now it has been used for decoration, but on Saturday, after watching Toy Story countless times, something finally clicked for him, and he felt the desire to fill it up. I told him in order to put money in the pig he had to earn it. Being three, his opportunities for vocational success are somewhat limited. I asked the Dallas Bank Couriers, but they said he had to be 18 to work there, so instead I let him raid my coin purse after picking up his toys. Soon he had a very full piggy.