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Dallas Bank Delivery: Lighten Up Your Latte

Back in my college days, before I was writing Dallas Bank Delivery blogs for Dallas Courier, I worked as a barista. If you aren’t quite as learned as our Bank Deliveries Dallas team, or maybe over-priced coffee isn’t your style, “barista” is a snooty word for “coffee maker”. As a barista, I knew exactly what was going into your fancy cup of Joe. Those calories really add up! Take your favorite chocolately, caffeinated mocha drink. That bad boy packs 400 calories, 15 grams of fat, and nearly 50 grams of sugar! Pretty soon, you’re adding on 10-40 pounds a year just from your regular coffee drink. We agree that the madness has to stop, right? The great news is you don’t have to give up your coffee fix to whittle your waistline. Here are some fancy coffee terms to tell your barista to slash calories and lighten up your latte.