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Dallas Courier: Tebowing

I was holding my breath last night. And I think a lot of people in America joined me. All I could think was: I believe.

Fast DFW Couriers: Vroom, Zoom… 2011’s Best

Pop quiz: do our fast couriers Dallas like cars?

Get Smart: Dallas Courier & School Zones

Hello, school year. When I think of the school year, the following things pop into my mind (and they are fond memories, might I add): Elmer’s Glue, sparkly pencils, new backpack, new shoes, hand-me-down uniform fittings, new friends, old friends, P.E. horrors, new teacher excitement, folders, carpooling buddies… can you tell I loved the first day of school? Call me a dork, but I always loved going to school.

Couriers Dallas: Roots in Pony Express

Mavs & Dallas Couriers: Find the Similarities

Excitement is radiating throughout Dallas this week: our Dallas Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Finals Champions! And we are one proud city to say the least. “The Time is Now” tagline seemed to propel our beloved team into victory after victory, despite the odds set against them.

With all this Mavs excitement, it got me to thinking: how are the Mavericks like our Dallas couriers? How does the best team in all of basketball compare to what I believe to be the best courier company in all of Dallas? Well, check out what I believe makes the Mavs and Dallas Courier winning teams: