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Halloween Round the World: Couriers DFW

Who is this lovely ladybug? One of our dispatchers, of course! At Dallas Courier, we are all kinds of festive!

Dallas Couriers: Morning Coffee

This has been a crazy busy week at our Dallas couriers home office… and it’s only Wednesday! Now, in my opinion, a crazy week beats out a boring week a thousand times to one. In this case, I appreciate the business. We have our Dallas couriers running in and out of the office – heading from Dallas to Austin to make deliveries and being Dallas to Houston couriers.

Courier Dallas: 2012 End Times Foods...

No, I am NOT saying the end times are coming (unless the 2012 thing is really true...). I don't know about any nuclear winters, famines or depressions. I just wanted to get your attention. Why? Well, I read this cool article called 11 Emergency Food Items That Can Last a Lifetime, and I thought it was worthy of sharing on our courier Dallas blog. Maybe another Y2K freakout is coming. If so, its better to be safe than sorry.

Courier Dallas: Traffic Time.

Traffic sucks. There’s no ifs ands or buts about it. It just plain sucks. That’s probably a big reason you like our courier Dallas team: you avoid the traffic and your delivery gets where it needs to be on time. Our Dallas delivery team knows the ins and outs of traffic. Unlike us lay people, they know how to avoid it, the best back roads, and plus, they admittedly have the best courier Dallas dispatchers on earth!

Dallas Delivery: The Hills Are Alive…

With the sound of music! Lalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I love music. In fact, just this morning on my way to our Dallas delivery office, I was rocking our big time to some great jams in my car.

Courier Dallas Gearing Up for St. Patty’s Day

It’s March 1 which means St. Patrick’s Day is only 16 short days away! Our courier Dallas team loves this holiday. Should they forget to wear green this day, they can expect a pinch at every courier stop. That’s A LOT of pinches.