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Dallas Box Truck Deliveries: Remembering Lincoln

This month marks the 206th birthday of one of the greatest leaders our country has ever known, and a favorite of the historical gurus on our Dallas Box Truck Deliveries team. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 on the Sinking Spring Farm in Kentucky. He was born in a one-room log cabin (Lincoln Logs, anyone?) to a poor farming family. Lincoln’s family moved to Indiana, a free state, during Abraham’s childhood, partially on account of slavery and partially because of land title difficulties in Kentucky.

Bobtail Deliveries Dallas: April Fools’

The employees of Dallas Courier’s Bobtail Deliveries Dallas division are pretty light-hearted. That makes the first of April one of their favorite days of the year. Why? It’s April Fools’ Day! While we’ve had some fun on this day for as long as we can remember, the origins of this holiday are a little tough to pin down.

One of the most believable theories regarding this day’s origins, according to the Bobtail Deliveries Dallas team, is that the New Year actually used to begin around the vernal equinox, which is around March 20th. Most of Europe celebrated this day as the start of the New Year. When Pope Gregory XIII came around, he shifted the calendar to celebrate the start of the year on January 1st. Believers in this theory say that there were those who refused to accept this new calendar or simply were not made aware of it; therefore, they continued to celebrate on April 1st. Those who got the memo teased the others, and called them fools, attempting to trick them into all sorts of false beliefs. They figured if people could be fooled into believing that the New Year was still in April, they could be fooled into thinking anything.

Box Truck Deliveries in Dallas: Starry Eyed

A few weeks ago I found myself far, far away from city lights. The air was clear, the sky was cloudless, and there was nothing between the sky and me but empty space. That’s when I looked up and saw the most star-filled sky I had ever seen in my entire life. It was breathtaking, and I couldn’t wait to share with my Dallas Courier friends who handle all the Box Truck Deliveries in Dallas. While I stood in awe of God’s creations, I began to wonder what role the stars played in history. Did everyone look up at the sky and think, “wow!”? I was going to ask my Dallas Courier friends, but I know that while they’re out there making Box Truck Deliveries in Dallas they hardly have a free moment to look up and gaze at the stars. So instead, I decided to do a little research of my own so when I returned to Texas I could amaze the Box Truck Deliveries in Dallas team. It turns out, stars played a pretty important role in history.

On Demand Deliveries Dallas: American Cars 101

Are you feeling patriotic?

I am. A LOT. I have a baseline of patriotism that I subscribe to year-round. I love America. I love our freedom. I am grateful to those who give their lives to protect those freedoms I enjoy. Their heroism gives me the opportunity to work, go to school, have a family. My patriotism baseline as I call it is pretty high. I know just how good we have it.

At certain times, my patriotism increases - I notice the freedo