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DFW Couriers: LBJ Express Update

As Dallas couriers, it’s not surprising that we literally drive all over this grand Metroplex. From sun-up to sun-up (yes, we make 24 hour deliveries in Dallas), we are out and about. With every day that passes, our couriers are grateful to those who keep our highways and roads primed for driving. Without them, we would be toast!

What makes the Best Couriers in Dallas

Did you watch the Cowboys last night? If you did, you’re probably cringing just at the reminder of the game. If you didn’t, then here is a quick run-down: we need leadership. This is my personal opinion, so feel free to disagree. However, I think what the Cowboys are missing is a true leader. Romo just ain’t working it right now. My thoughts? He needs to show up – big time.

Tips: Choosing B/W Dallas Courier Companies

So you’re in the market for a Dallas courier company. And you’re in charge of choosing from all of the courier companies in Dallas. That’s a lot to sift through. That’s where I come in. Today’s blog is going to give you the quick, fool-proof way of choosing a courier company to meet your need s- large or small.

Being A Careful Courier with Fast Dallas Deliveries

Rules. Thank goodness for them. Thank goodness for traffic signs, stoplights, crossing guards, speed limits, flashing lights, railroad crossings, police, stop signs, traffic information signs – I could go on and on! As fast couriers in Dallas, we know a thing or two about safety on the road. We never, ever, ever, ever compromise safety for speed. Why? Not only are our lives precious, your deliveries are precious too.

How to Become a Dallas Courier

It’s no secret that the economy is not in a good spot. And let’s be honest, it hasn’t been in a good spot for quite some time now. On one hand, it can be discouraging. There is a whole lot of doom and gloom out there about the future. But on the other, we have to remain positive. We are a resilient people, and as Americans we must pull together to bring our country back to life!

Dallas Couriers: Wedding Gifts 101

Hello, wedding season! Hello, bad economy. Hello, expensive gift registries.

Dallas Couriers: Gluten-Free = Success?

Two years ago, I didn’t even know what gluten was. I didn’t know it was in food, and I certainly didn’t know that a select number of people can’t digest it. When you can’t absorb gluten and a reaction occurs in your digestive track, it’s called Celiac. And if you’ve ever known anyone with Celiac, you know it isn’t an easy diet to maintain.

Dallas Legal Couriers – AT&T Performing Arts Center!

 If you live in Dallas, and you haven’t gone to the AT&T Performing Arts Center, shame on you! Just this morning, one of Dallas couriers team members came into my office raving about a show he saw just last night. What show? Sax Appeal: David David Sanborn & Candy Dulfer. And here is the list of things our Dallas couriers team member said were just down right awesome about the Center: acoustics, space, staff, the parking – it was an all around fantastic experience for him.