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Dallas Long Distance Delivery: Top Five Places to Start the New Year

The start of 2015 is just a few days away. Where will you be ringing in the New Year? Our Dallas Long Distance Delivery drivers are on the job, day and night, holidays and every other day. With that kind of schedule, there’s no telling where they’ll be for the celebration. If you’re ready to get out of town like our Dallas Couriers, our Dallas Out of Town Delivery team has some great ideas for quick trips to kick off the New Year.

Critical Distant Deliveries Dallas: How To Do Laundry Like a Boss

I love to tell a specific story at my husband’s expense. It’s enjoyable because the situation is comical, but also because it doesn’t involve me. Which makes it all the more funny. Back before we were married, my husband moved into a townhouse that we would eventually share after our wedding. The week I moved in, my new husband offered to do the laundry. (Score!) As I watched him load the washer, I noticed him sort the colors and put in fabric softener, and then he shut the lid. “Wait, you forgot to put the detergent in,” I said. “No, I put it in,” he said, pointing to the fabric softener. Turns out, my new hubby had been using fabric softener solely for the last…well…four years.

Critical Distant Deliveries Dallas: Godzilla

This Critical Distant Deliveries Dallas is dedicated to an infamous creature. He’s easily the most recognizable inhuman antagonist that cinematic culture has ever seen. Take his reptilian portrait to Asia, Europe, or North America and you will find that everybody knows his name: Godzilla. Godzilla was intended to be a cross between a gorilla and a whale, as this is the translation for his name. Throughout dozens of remakes, comic books, and farces, the overall appearance of this monster has remained pretty consistent. He’s as tall as skyscrapers, and strong enough to crumble them. His atomic breath rivals even the worst of morning mouth. And those feet! Lizard-like with razor sharp toenails that haven’t seen a pedicure in his entire half century of existence.

Dallas Distant Deliveries: Does Not Play Well With Others

Distant Deliveries Dallas: Columbus Day

“Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492”. How many of us repeated that rhyme to ourselves during a history or social studies test as high school students? I know I did! Our Distant Deliveries Dallas drivers have gone great distances for our customers. Across cities and states, through the deserts and down the coasts. But it’s safe to say that we’ve never gone to quite the lengths of good old Christopher Columbus.

Dallas Long Distance Courier: Finding the Exit

If you’ve never been to a home furnishings superstore, I would say you have to go to even begin to understand what those of us who have been are talking about. There is one in particular that comes to mind, but to protect the innocent, or I guess in this case- guilty, I will not name names. (Hint: it rhymes with Nikea) This particular store is kind of like Disneyland. There is the showroom floor, which is the song and dance. Fun stuff to look at, try it out, keep you entertained, before you make your way to the real purpose of the store downstairs. Remember standing in line at the Haunted Mansion? You start off in the graveyard. You get to play with all the talking gravestones, laugh at some of the funny looking ghosts, and weave your way through the outer grounds before ending up inside the mansion for the real ride. That’s like the showroom. Then, there’s a giant parking lot that might require the services of our Dallas Long Distance Courier to reach the end, places to eat food, and even a place to drop off your kids.