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Scheduled Deliveries Dallas: How It's Made

What does your to-do list look like today? Let me guess... wake up after hitting snooze one too many times; get coffee into system ASAP; try on three outfits before choosing one; get in the car and realize you need gas; rush to the gas station and get just enough to make it to work; arrive to work and check voicemails; answer as many emails as possible; work furiously; look up at the clock and realize you worked through lunch; panic when you notice that daily drop off to your client is due in 2 hours; work furiously again; get in car to make the delivery yourself since you haven't called any courier companies in Dallas; drive fast; get pulled over; get a ticket you won't be reimbursed for; finally make it to the client's office (15 minutes late); make drop-off; get stuck making small talk for 22 minutes; get back in your car and realize it's almost 5:00 and there's no point in heading back to the office.