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Bobtail Deliveries Dallas: April Fools’

The employees of Dallas Courier’s Bobtail Deliveries Dallas division are pretty light-hearted. That makes the first of April one of their favorite days of the year. Why? It’s April Fools’ Day! While we’ve had some fun on this day for as long as we can remember, the origins of this holiday are a little tough to pin down.

One of the most believable theories regarding this day’s origins, according to the Bobtail Deliveries Dallas team, is that the New Year actually used to begin around the vernal equinox, which is around March 20th. Most of Europe celebrated this day as the start of the New Year. When Pope Gregory XIII came around, he shifted the calendar to celebrate the start of the year on January 1st. Believers in this theory say that there were those who refused to accept this new calendar or simply were not made aware of it; therefore, they continued to celebrate on April 1st. Those who got the memo teased the others, and called them fools, attempting to trick them into all sorts of false beliefs. They figured if people could be fooled into believing that the New Year was still in April, they could be fooled into thinking anything.