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Christmas Deliveries Dallas: How Lovely Are Your Branches

We’ve all seen A Charlie Brown Christmas. Charlie picks the sad little sprig of a tree that looks like it could really use some sprucing. At first everyone is bummed to have such a scraggly looking twig for a Christmas tree, but when they all come together to decorate it, all of a sudden it’s a beautiful masterpiece! 

Dallas Christmas Delivery: Christmas Quarterbacks

The Christmas season is crunch time for our Dallas Christmas Delivery team. You’re hustling and bustling about, buying gifts, sending a holiday ham, getting your prescriptions ordered before your vacation to Grandma’s; and you’re asking the Dallas Christmas Delivery team to get these things where they need to be on time and accurately. When I think about the job that our Dallas Christmas Delivery team has this holiday, I liken them to a quarterback. They have their plays, their manifest, written down and ready to go. They know their job is a precise and timely delivery. And they have to complete their task under a lot of pressure from some adoring, yet demanding, fans.