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Tire Deliveries Dallas: Texas-OU/ OU-Texas Weekend

This Saturday, October 12th is the 113th meeting of football rivals The University of Texas and Oklahoma University. Depending on whom you support, we call it Texas-OU or OU-Texas Weekend. Tire Deliveries Dallas has fans on both sides of the Red River, so we will stick to the facts on this blog and leave personal opinions aside (hook ‘em). The game started in 1900 back when OU was merely a territory of the United States. From 1900 to 2005, the game was referred to as the Red River Shootout, as the Red River is the dividing boundary between the states of Texas and Oklahoma. The Red River actually has its own origins of conflict between the states, so it’s only appropriate that this rivalry of athletics is titled so. In 2005, the game title was changed to Red River Rivalry, as to avoid any connection to supporting gun violence.

Dallas Food Deliveries: Must Have Easter Dishes

Tommorrow, Good Friday, begins the Easter weekend. This week in my Dallas Courier blogs I have been focusing on this special holiday. Tomorrow is obviously a more somber day as it marks the day that Jesus was crucified. Friday is a day of reflection and also thankfulness. Because of Jesus' sacrifice and death we can have freedom from our sins. Sunday is the day that we can really celebrate because Christ defeated death and rose again.

Dallas Courier Delivers Easter

I do not know if you are like me, but I cannot believe that Easter is this weekend! It feels like this year is flying by so fast. On Sunday, March 31, 2013 we will celebrate Easter.

Dallas Courier Service - Out of Town Deliveries

So, I have been thinking about it a lot recently, and I think that our name, Dallas Courier, is a bit misleading.

A Portrait of the Dedicated Person as a Dallas Courier

Ever heard of James Joyce? Sheesh! People just don’t read good literature anymore. If you know who Joyce is, then please disregard the previous comment. If you don’t know who he is, then you need to read more! No offense.

Texas Couriers: S-p-e-l-l-i-n-g B-e-e

  It’s just around the corner. What’s just around the corner, you ask? The Scripps National Spelling Bee! It’s a time for smart kids to shine and receive trophies for extraordinary spelling and vocabulary skills.

Dallas Courier Service: LBJ Express

If you are a Dallasite, then you probably have seen the commotion going on all around Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway (aka 635). And you probably know that over the next few years (ok, many, many years), the city will be expanding 635 by putting an entire highway underneath and alongside the current highway.

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