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Dallas Bank Couriers: Young Money

This past weekend my three year old discovered the wonders of the piggy bank. He has a giant smiling pig with his name on it that someone gave him when he was born. Until now it has been used for decoration, but on Saturday, after watching Toy Story countless times, something finally clicked for him, and he felt the desire to fill it up. I told him in order to put money in the pig he had to earn it. Being three, his opportunities for vocational success are somewhat limited. I asked the Dallas Bank Couriers, but they said he had to be 18 to work there, so instead I let him raid my coin purse after picking up his toys. Soon he had a very full piggy.

Dallas Hot Shot Delivery: Holy 75th Birthday, Batman!

Pow! Smash! Bang! Batman and his many sidekicks have been entertainment icons for decades. It’s a good thing Batman doesn’t age, because by now, he’d be beating up baddies with a walker and trading in the Batmobile for a more generationally appropriate Bat-Buick. Wednesday marks the 75th anniversary of the masked vigilante. Batman was introduced in 1939, which makes him 75 years old this year. July 23rd isn't exactly Batman's birthday, though. Instead, Warner Bros decided to give the Dark Knight a birthday that coincided with the first day of Comic-Con. At this moment, our Dallas Hot Shot Delivery blog readers are thinking one of two things: What's Comic-Con? or I can't wait for Comic-Con! For those in the former category, Comic-Con is a comic book convention held in San Diego each year. The festival's website states that it is an educational experience aimed at creating an awareness of and appreciation of comic books. In short, it's a place where nerds unite. No offense. Those of us who aren't quite Comic-Con level Batman fanatics might be interested to know some background information on the Bat.

Critical Distant Deliveries Dallas: How To Do Laundry Like a Boss

I love to tell a specific story at my husband’s expense. It’s enjoyable because the situation is comical, but also because it doesn’t involve me. Which makes it all the more funny. Back before we were married, my husband moved into a townhouse that we would eventually share after our wedding. The week I moved in, my new husband offered to do the laundry. (Score!) As I watched him load the washer, I noticed him sort the colors and put in fabric softener, and then he shut the lid. “Wait, you forgot to put the detergent in,” I said. “No, I put it in,” he said, pointing to the fabric softener. Turns out, my new hubby had been using fabric softener solely for the last…well…four years.

Same Day Courier Dallas: Wedding Season Etiquette

We’re halfway through the month of May, which means June is just around the corner. Which, in turn, means wedding season is just around the corner! Each year, over 2.3 million weddings are held in the United States. June is the most popular month for weddings, owning 10.8% of the total numbers. If you’re like our Same Day Courier Dallas employees, your mailbox is overflowing with invites. With so many “big days” coming up, how will you manage it all? Thankfully, the Same Day Courier Dallas guys and gals have experience with managing the chaos that comes with last minute and rushed deliveries, so wedding season is a piece of cake! (White, tiered, fondant covered cake.) Here are some of their tips for surviving wedding season with Emily Post-style etiquette. 

Legal Couriers Dallas: We love our dads!

Dallas Couriers Delivery Saint Patrick's Day

Spring is almost officially here (Wednesday, March 20th). We just experienced day light savings time. We are in the middle of spring break. The trees are starting to bloom. Allergies are upon us. The marathons are starting up. So, what else is right around the corner?

Dallas Couriers: Leave Critical Distant Deliveries to Professionals!

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am directionally challenged, and honestly if they say that they are just being nice.

Dallas to Houston Deliveries: Summer Car Safety

While the rest of the Continental U.S. may be enjoying Springtime, us Texans are gearing up for Summer. As all good Texans know, we have two seasons: summer and half summer. Summer is super hot, and half summer happens when others experience winter. I can hardly call November through February winter here in Texas. It aint snowing and it aint cold. So, thus my new name, “half summer.” It’s half as hot.

Dallas Courier: LINSANITY

How does one know greatness? Is it the school someone attends? Is it how many childhood trophies they have? Is it money? Is it good parenting?

Couriers Dallas: Mavs Shout-out