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Dallas Long Distance Deliveries: Juggling Jetlag

When it comes to traveling, I’m not like the pros on our Dallas Long Distance Deliveries team. Sure, I’ve been here and there. Short plane rides, long car drives, but my recent jump across the pond to Europe has really messed up my internal clock. It really hit me on my redeye flight when I saw the sun rise. I had just gotten on the plane for a little shuteye on my way, and here it was daytime already! I’ve got jetlag like I never dreamed could exist. My body’s so confused, it takes me back to my college days of Thirsty Thursday when going to bed at 3 am and waking up at noon were habits of choice

Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries: For The Birds

Last week, I was entrusted with the very important job of watching a friend from the Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries team’s dogs while they were out of town. To him, I must seem competent enough, seeing as I have managed to keep my children and myself alive for nearly one entire year. The truth is, for me keeping things alive, including kids, is a lot harder than you think. Just ask the children’s ER nearest to my house. Or, perhaps, the fire station a few blocks over. Or even my neighbors.  Long story short, my competency was overestimated by this friend, but thankfully everything turned out ok. In fact, I must have done a bang up job because not only did I keep the dogs well and happy, but my Dallas Drive Out Deliveries friend came home to not just two animals in his house, but six.

Dallas Custom Critical Courier Service: D-Day, 70 Years Later

Seventy years ago, on this day, on June 6, 1944, Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy in the beginning of what became the largest seaborne invasion in history. At Dallas Courier, our Dallas Custom Critical Courier Service is all about stepping in and getting the job done, especially when the job is crucial. That same mantra is what our American heroes, the soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors, had in spirit when they took the fight to the Nazis on the French coastline.

Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries: Remembering this Memorial Day

Our Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries employees love any reason to throw a party. Memorial Day is no exception. Most Americans will celebrate the unofficial start to summer with a barbeque or pool party, but many of us will enjoy our brats and beer without contemplating the true reason behind this day.

Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries: Whose Line Is it?…Nobody’s!

The employees at Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries consider themselves movie buffs. They enjoy a nice cinematic break from reality just like the rest of us. Well, like the rest of you…the last movie I saw came out on DVD two months ago. But even those with a challenged social life, like myself, have seen enough movies to remember a few of the greatest lines in movie history, right? Wrong! Turns out many of those lines we quote over and over were actually never said. Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries is going to count down the most misquoted movie lines, and set the record straight on what was really said.

Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries: Exit, Sandman

This week, Major League Baseball said goodbye to one of the greats, and one of Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries’ favorite pitchers of all time: Mariano “Mo” Rivera. You see, our Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries team relates to Mo because they, too, carry the big guns, and are called in when a deal needs closing and accurate delivery is required.