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Dallas Courier: Fourth of July Facts

This is the land of the free, the home of the brave. We have men and women fighting for our freedoms as I write this. That is always a humbling thought for me. They are serving their country so I can work where I want, live where I want, worship where and how I want, and vote for who I want in leadership positions. Freedom truly is not free. And in the coming week, our team at Dallas Courier is saluting each and every serviceman and servicewoman that protects the freedoms we enjoy daily.

In case you haven't noticed, our company loves America. Whenever a patriotic holiday is near, our blog turns to all things red, white and blue. Why? Well, it's simple. America is the reason we exist. We have a free market where entrepreneurs can start companies from scratch. Competition is encouraged, which makes service better and better for the customer. So, needless to say, we celebrate the Fourth of July in a big way. Becoming the best courier company in Dallas would not be possible without freedom. Making 24 hour deliveries Dallas would like not be possible either. So celebrate we must.

Courier Services Dallas: The 5 W’s

Fact: there are little-known industries in the world. Fact: I intend to bring one of darkness.

Couriers Dallas & Marathon Runners

What is exhausting, fulfilling, exhilerating, painful, passion-filled, difficult, impressive... and hot?

Tennis, Deliveries Dallas, and Gluten

Yes, I know… I’ve written a lot about sports recently. But if you haven’t noticed, sports are in the air. From the Olympics to the Mavs to the Australian Open, sports have ruled the month of January (and consequently Dallas Courier’s blog).

DFW Couriers: From Resolution to REALITY.

Welcome, 2012! We said goodbye to 2011 (it was a great year, but it was time), and we rang in 2012. With champagne in one hand, a streamer in the other and smooch on the lips, there really is not better way to kick off a new year. Oh, except for resolutions.

Courier Dallas: Mastering the Masters

Golf. I used to think it was boring. Hit the ball, pick it up, tip you hat. But this weekend, I sat down with an open mind and watched the 2011 Masters. The verdict? It was FUN!!

Now, many on our courier Dallas team are golf fans, so around here, people were getting pretty excited about the tournament. Our courier Dallas President was raised by a golf addict, so of course, he likes golf too. So, as a part of this courier Dallas team, I knew it was my duty to experience the Masters and actually pay attention. Eagle, par, birdie… these words meant nothing to me until this weekend. That all changed. I enjoyed the game and more importantly, I learned the game of golf.

Dallas Delivery: Tips On Getting Energy Efficient

Tax season is upon us… dundundunnnnnnnnn. Cue scary music, dimming lights and a scary masked man popping out from around the corner. I don’t know anyone who actually likes tax day. It sucks. Mention April 15 around here and you’ll get a look from our Dallas delivery team. (This might be a good time to mention that April 15 is actually my birthday. Talk about a depressing day to enter the world. I kid, I kid. Sort of…)

Dallas Delivery: Go Local!

Local is where it’s at. Back in the day, it was all about local, and at some point, we moved to big business. We went from buying from local farmers to buying at Supermarkets where we had no clue who the farmers were. Who was growing your food? Who cares! That was the mentality.

Courier Dallas: Traffic Time.

Traffic sucks. There’s no ifs ands or buts about it. It just plain sucks. That’s probably a big reason you like our courier Dallas team: you avoid the traffic and your delivery gets where it needs to be on time. Our Dallas delivery team knows the ins and outs of traffic. Unlike us lay people, they know how to avoid it, the best back roads, and plus, they admittedly have the best courier Dallas dispatchers on earth!

Dallas Delivery: The Hills Are Alive…

With the sound of music! Lalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I love music. In fact, just this morning on my way to our Dallas delivery office, I was rocking our big time to some great jams in my car.