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Scheduled Deliveries Dallas: Olympics 101

It only happens once every four years. It is the accumulation of lifetimes of determination, persistance and passion. It is a time when the world comes together. It is about being the best in something. It is about standing on the podium with a gold medal around your neck, your country's anthem playing loudly. It is rare, special, inspiring.

Consequently, it is the time of year that Dallas Courier's blog suddenly becomes single-minded: The Olympics. If you're not an Olympic fan, I apologize because starting July 27, you are likely to be inundated with all things London 2012.

Dallas Courier: Fourth of July Facts

This is the land of the free, the home of the brave. We have men and women fighting for our freedoms as I write this. That is always a humbling thought for me. They are serving their country so I can work where I want, live where I want, worship where and how I want, and vote for who I want in leadership positions. Freedom truly is not free. And in the coming week, our team at Dallas Courier is saluting each and every serviceman and servicewoman that protects the freedoms we enjoy daily.

In case you haven't noticed, our company loves America. Whenever a patriotic holiday is near, our blog turns to all things red, white and blue. Why? Well, it's simple. America is the reason we exist. We have a free market where entrepreneurs can start companies from scratch. Competition is encouraged, which makes service better and better for the customer. So, needless to say, we celebrate the Fourth of July in a big way. Becoming the best courier company in Dallas would not be possible without freedom. Making 24 hour deliveries Dallas would like not be possible either. So celebrate we must.

Going Local for Dallas Deliveries


Dallas Courier: Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

So long as you haven’t been living under a very large rock, you know that the Dallas skyline has been changing. From the Omni’s large presence and cool lighting to the beautiful Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, all Dallasites have a little something to celebrate.

DFW Couriers: From Resolution to REALITY.

Welcome, 2012! We said goodbye to 2011 (it was a great year, but it was time), and we rang in 2012. With champagne in one hand, a streamer in the other and smooch on the lips, there really is not better way to kick off a new year. Oh, except for resolutions.

Halloween Round the World: Couriers DFW

Who is this lovely ladybug? One of our dispatchers, of course! At Dallas Courier, we are all kinds of festive!

Choosing Rain-Safe Couriers Dallas

When someone is looking for a courier to handle either on demand deliveries DFW or scheduled deliveries Dallas, they are looking for someone to handle their deliveries in the safest manner possible.

Dallas Courier Myth Busters: Top Courier Myths

Every industry has its myths. And every company has to combat them. Let’s look at some other industries with myths that they have to combat. An example:

Dallas Route Courier Playing with Plays on Words

Who doesn’t love a good play on words? I don’t know about you, but our Dallas route courier team loves plays on words, jokes, riddles – you get the idea. We love a good laugh. Recently, one of my Dallas route courier company coworkers sent me a play-on-words email that I knew immediately was a must-share.