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Dallas Food Delivery Team: Food ‘Round the World

As Dallas food delivery and Dallas delivery route specialists, we believe in knowing our clients. Lucky for us, that means we need to eat food! What a fun way to know your clients. We love sushi since we deliver it; we love fruit because we deliver it; and we love to keep an open mind about food since we get new clients all of the time.

Dallas Healthcare Delivery Team: Everyday Exercises

I am willing to bet that this week is the most action gyms get all year. People have vowed to be healthy in 2011, and they are sticking to it (for the moment, anyway). As a Dallas healthcare delivery team, we believe healthy is the way to be. Being healthy means exercising regularly, eating right and giving yourself adequate ‘me time.’ Our next few blogs are going to feature a few healthy life tips from our Dallas medical delivery service team. Hope you enjoy – and be sure to leave a comment about how you plan on staying fit in 2011!

Dallas Delivery Route Team: Here Comes the Super Bowl!

Ok, I know this is a little premature, but I can’t help but get excited about the upcoming Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium – aka “Jerry’s World.” Our Dallas delivery route specialists are getting pumped about big game, even if our beloved Cowboys won’t be making an appearance.

The biggest football game of the year is less than a month away (February 6). With all of the tourists that will be in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, it’s high time we know a thing or two about the stadium watched around the world.

Dallas Route Courier Team: Ice & Snow Driving

Because our team is always out on the road, we know a thing or two (or 1,000) about sage and smart driving. Each Dallas route courier on our team has come in lately saying that the weather is about to turn very cold, and today, that seems to have come true! The cold weather is officially upon us, and I think we can say goodbye to those random 70-80 degree days.

With the cold weather comes sleet, ice and sometimes snow.  Our Dallas route courier team and Dallas medical courier team know that driving in ice and snow can be dangerous if you don’t know the ropes. Obviously, this blog is preemptive. The bad weather is coming, so let’s all be prepared!

Dallas Delivery Route and Thanksgiving’s History

Ever notice how easy it is to get caught up in the swing of things? You get in a groove, and frankly, you like the groove. It’s comfortable; it’s familiar. We all get into grooves. At Dallas Courier, our drivers, dispatchers and home office employees get into the groove of each Dallas delivery route. Sometimes, you forget the forest for the trees. Then, there are times when you get a call for Dallas rush delivery and you remember the forest.

Dallas Delivery Route Team: Pumped for Black Friday!

One week from today, we will all sit down with our families/friends/neighbors/pets to celebrate a wonderful day: Thanksgiving! Hip-hip-hooray for a table filled with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans (which I actually strongly dislike), cornbread, sweet potatoes, cream corn, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake and all sorts of sweets and treats! At Dallas Courier, we love a holiday that celebrates all things food because we make Dallas food deliveries all of the time!

Dallas Delivery Company – Thank Goodness for Maps!

If you happen to be a loyal blog reader, then you know that last week we wrote a post about ancient time measurement pieces. Today, I thought I would continue in that same vein with a discussion about ancient maps. If time is our passion for a Dallas delivery, then maps are the way we put that passion into practice every day. Maps are especially important when completing a Dallas deliver route .

How have maps changed since ancient times? Well, I am going to take a big fat guess here and say that the ancient Greeks didn’t have a GPS system. And to be honest, it surprises me that any ancient nation survived. Sometimes I get lost five minutes from my house! I am truly indebted and glued to my GPS.