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Dallas Delivery Service: Safe Driving Tips

How long has it been since you took drivers ed?  I am willing to bet it’s been a long time – a real long time. As a Dallas delivery service that strives to have the safest and fastest couriers in Dallas, we like to give everyone in our home office drivers ed refresher courses.

Dallas Delivery: Delivering Hope

In life, we often get caught up in stories and never take the moment to follow-up on them. Our Dallas delivery team believes adamantly in following up, especially when it’s a story involving hope.

Dallas Delivery Company – Thank Goodness for Maps!

If you happen to be a loyal blog reader, then you know that last week we wrote a post about ancient time measurement pieces. Today, I thought I would continue in that same vein with a discussion about ancient maps. If time is our passion for a Dallas delivery, then maps are the way we put that passion into practice every day. Maps are especially important when completing a Dallas deliver route .

How have maps changed since ancient times? Well, I am going to take a big fat guess here and say that the ancient Greeks didn’t have a GPS system. And to be honest, it surprises me that any ancient nation survived. Sometimes I get lost five minutes from my house! I am truly indebted and glued to my GPS.

Courier Dallas: Fall is Here

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Dallas Courier Service, We're Blogging Now!

It may be a rainy day in Dallas, but the sun is shining brightly in our office! You may be wondering why? First, take a moment and check out our brand new Dallas delivery website! We have just finished revamping our page to make navigation easier for you – and that makes today a sun-shiny day!

As you will notice, our new page is more user-friendly. We made these changes specifically for our valued customers. It also includes a blog which will be frequently updated. Whether it’s a tidbit about one of our awesome couriers or an informational post about how to choose a courier company, our blog will be a fun and easy read!