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Dallas Distant Deliveries: Be Kind To Your Fine Furry Friends

Summer is hard for us homosapiens. We get all sweaty when we walk from the parking lot to the front door of our office. It’s nearly impossible to enjoy being outside unless you’re submerged in some kind of water. And, as our Dallas Distant Deliveries drivers can attest to, getting into the car requires some thick skin- literally- skin that is ok with having the first few layers melted off by the leather seat. The extreme heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing here in North Texas makes us all wish for an early winter. Including our pets. 

Dallas Distant Deliveries: Going the Distance With Your

At Eagle Express, our Dallas Distant Deliveries vans and trucks log a lot of miles. We service the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex, as well as throughout and out of the great state of Texas. That’s a lot of potential wear and tear on our vehicles. But our Dallas Distant Deliveries, they’re a smart bunch. They know the best (and worst) things you can do for your vehicle. Thankfully, they’ve decided to count down the top worst things we can do for our cars. That way, the rest of us can avoid these mistakes and we, too, can go the distance with our vehicles.

Dallas Distant Deliveries: Does Not Play Well With Others

Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries: Exit, Sandman

This week, Major League Baseball said goodbye to one of the greats, and one of Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries’ favorite pitchers of all time: Mariano “Mo” Rivera. You see, our Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries team relates to Mo because they, too, carry the big guns, and are called in when a deal needs closing and accurate delivery is required.

Dallas Distant Delivery: Green Thumb

When we relocated our family from Phoenix to the Big D two months ago, we’d thought we’d seen the last of the “Valley of the Sun”.  No sooner had we received our orders out of Arizona than my brother called with news that he would be leaving Dallas set for Phoenix due to work. The Lord has a sense of humor. I told him I would high five him on the I-10 as we crossed paths. Maybe we’d even catch a ride with our Dallas Distant Delivery team on one of their jobs going to and from Dallas!

Scheduled Deliveries Dallas: Darrell K Royal

Today is a sad day for Texas. Whether your a Texas Longhorn, a Fighting Texas Aggie, a Baylor Bear, a TCU Horned Frog, a SMU Mustang, a Texas Tech Red Raider or another collegiate supporter, we can all agree on something: Darrell K Royal was a football icon.

Dallas Courier Services: Standing on Some Impressive Shoulders

I just got finished with a weekend in the city of brotherly love. That’s right, this Texas girl headed North for along weekend in Philadelphia. And I must say, it was quite the city. If you haven’t been, it officially has my stamp of approval. I often write about Texas cities and tourism tips, but it isn’t often I write about the farther away places. It always makes sense for our blog for Texas travel tips because we handle Dallas to Austin deliveries, Dallas to San Antonio deliveries, Dallas to Houston deliveries and even out of state deliveries like Dallas to Oklahoma City deliveries.

Dallas Courier Service: LBJ Express

If you are a Dallasite, then you probably have seen the commotion going on all around Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway (aka 635). And you probably know that over the next few years (ok, many, many years), the city will be expanding 635 by putting an entire highway underneath and alongside the current highway.

Dallas Distant Deliveries: Easter Basket Ideas

Remember that feeling… it’s Saturday night, you’re headed to bed, and your mind is racing. Just what are you thinking about? The prized Easter Basket. Come Easter morning, a colorful basket of goodies will be waiting at the foot of your bed. Being a kid is awesome. That excitement of awaiting the Easter Bunny’s arrival is almost unbearable. But who says you can’t still have that excitement as an adult? I propose that we should. So, this Dallas courier blog is about bringing the child back in you and in me. Let’s give our sweeties some really fantastically fun Easter baskets!