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Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries: New Year, New You- Quit Smoking

It’s a new year, and like our Dallas Custom Critical Deliveries, you are planning on making this year the best it can be. Just one, tiny little problem stands in your way: cigarettes. Eighteen percent of adults in the United States are smokers. That comes out to 42.1 million people. Nearly 70% of those people wish they weren’t. That’s right, seven out of ten people interviewed said they wanted to stop smoking. There’s not better time than right now!

Custom Critical Delivery Dallas: NFL This Week

Normally our Custom Critical Delivery Dallas team doesn’t dedicate an entire blog to news surrounding the National Football League. This week, though, there was so much buzz surrounding the NFL it would be criminal not to give it a little credit in this week’s Custom Critical Delivery Dallas blog. Since we’ve got DFW covered by delivering your time critical goods at a moment’s notice, we figured delivering you the critical news about America’s favorite sport wouldn’t be too far off from our normal routine. So here’s what you missed this week in the NFL:

Dallas Out of State Couriers: Personal Information Protection

On Sunday I returned from a trip to New York for a family member’s wedding. For those who have never had the pleasure of visiting “The City”, let me tell you, the Big Apple is expensive! I’m pretty sure I melted my credit card a little from all the swiping I did. On the plus side, my rewards points have earned me nearly 50 gallons of free gas! But that’s not the point of this Dallas Out of State Couriers blog. When I returned home last evening, I went to buy dinner for the family, and, embarrassingly, my credit card was declined. “Run it again,” I said confidently. Double whammy, as the card was once again showing an error.

Critical Distance Delivery Dallas: An Apple a Day…

You’ve heard the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” There’s some truth to that, according to my Critical Distance Delivery Dallas friends. Apples are high in nutrients such as boron, beta carotene, and quercetin. They are also chalk full of fiber, and they can actually act as a toothbrush, killing bacteria in the mouth and keeping your pearly whites clean. Apples are great, but they aren’t the only foods that do a stellar job at keeping you healthy.

Dallas Out of State Deliveries: The Buzz on Caffeine

Most of us do not want to face the day without at least one cup of coffee. Or, in my case, a can of Diet Coke. Even those who swear off coffee and soda probably find themselves at comfort with a cup of tea. Perhaps you’re like our Dallas Out of State Deliveries drivers, and you need a little pick-me-up (and a few-keep-me-ups) so you can get your job done. Maybe you’re a mom with a few small kids who have enough energy to power a small country, and you’ve got to keep up or be overrun.